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BRITISH RACECOURSES - Draw Bias, Description, Location, Trivia.
HOW TO WORK OUT BETS - By Calculator or Manual.
BET EXPLANATIONS - Rules and Payout Terms.
BETTING ADVICE & STRATEGY - Placepot,Football Betting Strategy.
CASINO GAMES EXPLAINED -  Craps, Baccarat, Roulette Rules.
FREE TO WATCH TV RACES - ITV,Saturday, Midweek, Sunday, Scoop 6 Races.
BETTING CASHBACKS - Get a Bonus on Your Winnings.
TOTE BETS - Explanation, Rules, Perms, Strategy, Tips.
SCOOP 6 - Schedule,Rules and Dividends Every Week.
ARTICLES - Horse Racing, Sports Articles.
BETTING SLANG, TERMS - Understand Betting and Slang Vocabulary Gamblers use.

It always surprises me that punters who have been betting for decades, horse racing mainly, have not a clue on how to work out their bets, how to perm bets, work out numbers of bets in each wager, or know how to work out betting value before they place their bets.

The articles on this site will explain all aspects of betting on horse racing, from working out Yankees, Lucky 15 bets and similar - it's easy and quick.

Check out the individual Racecourse Reviews, where you can find any draw bias before making your bets, also course history, stats and interesting facts.

Many bettors are reluctant to visit casinos as the games seem complicated. These articles explain the rules and procedures of some casino games like Baccarat or Craps which at first sight seem baffling. Read these explanations and you will learn, and feel confident enough to play.

Most articles will use a calculator, or mobile phone to calculate those bets. Also explained are the methods of working out bets and perms manually, i.e., on paper or in your head.

There is some advice for football and racing punters on a strategy that can help your approach to Placepot,Scoop 6 and other aspects of betting.

Get ample warning of what's on free tv for you to enjoy. Saturday and midweek races broadcast by ITV listed every day - updated and corrected regularly.

Enhance your payouts when taking advantage of bonuses on offer from bookmakers, from treble first goalscorer odds, to extra places paid.

Tote bets have special rules and articles will explain non runners in Tote bets, rules and terms that only apply to Tote bets.

Scoop 6 bets page will list the Scoop 6 races before Saturday, the TV location, and same day dividend results.

If you are new to betting, you may find the betting glossary of interest as it explains many aspects of betting in a simple format. Also if you want to use the strange slang used by serious gamblers see the list of obscure slang terms.

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Betting and Gambling Slang Explained

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Gambling Advice / Betting Articles.

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Saturdays TV Races ITV

Scoop 6 TV Races,Dividends

Todays Racing on ITV - Midweek/Sunday Televised Race Times

ITV 7 or Pick 7 - Free Horse Racing Bet Every Saturday.

Placepot Perms - TV Races - Big Wins, Small Stakes

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