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How to Play Baccarat - Simple Rules and Explanation of Baccarat,Online and Casino.


Baccarat is somehow considered by the betting public to be an exotic or mysterious casino game that they know litle about and rarely play,it is however quite simple and can be very entertaining and profitable.

The game is based on the European casino games of  chemin de fer and punto banco,and despite its European origins is probably more popular and played more in American casinos than their European counterparts.

Baccarat basic rules and betting procedures......

If you go to a real casino the baccarat section is usually partitioned off,or in a separate area within the casino,which somehow may explain the image of exclusivity of the game to many casino players.

The baccarat table itself is about the same size as a craps table,and the players can number up to 14,when there will be 3 dealers representing the casino.

Players have 2 choices to make when betting when playing baccarat - banker or player (also known as banco or punto).

Depending on where you play,the procedure is that some casinos will allow the players to deal in rotation,and some casinos will want their own dealers dispensing the cards.

Of course,if you play baccarat online the cards will be generated automatically by either a virtual dealer or a live dealer.

Each participating player has the choice of making a bet on either Punto or Banco,but it is usually the etiquette of play that the dealer will bet on Banco.


The card shoe will remain with the dealer for as long as the Bank wins,and as soon as Punto prevails the shoe is passed to the next player along - remember you don't have to be the dealer,you can decline the option and just pass the shoe to the next player who again can decide to deal the cards or not.

All bets on baccarat are paid as evens - one winning bet and one losing bet  (there is a standoff  bet option that pays 8/1 but this should be rarely considered).

The reason players decline playing the Banker is that,unlike the Punto bets,you will pay 5% commission on winning bets to the casino - this is where the casinos make their money when hosting baccarat games for their members.

The hands the baccarat player bets on will consist usually of just 2 cards,and sometimes the maximum 3 cards.

The game proceeds by the dealer giving himself 2 cards face down.

The dealer will then select the Punto player who has made the biggest wager at the table and give that player 2 more cards,again face down.

The Punto player then takes a look to see what cards are held,and then hands those cards back to the dealer.

The dealer will then reveal the value of all cards,including the dealers.

A casino official will then declare the winning bet or a draw situation.

Players,and dealers want either a 8 or 9 (the best hand),which is known as a "Natural" - if one Natural is dealt the game is over.

If there is no Natural,a third card may be delivered to decide the winner - this depends on the rules adopted by casinos or online operators.

If casino customers are dealing the cards,they need not worry about collecting losses and paying winners - the casino employees will do this for you.Of course if you are playing baccarat online this is all done effortlessly by your computer.

The rules of baccarat......

Cards are dispensed from a shoe - usually consisting of 6 to 8 decks.

Picture cards and tens are of no value when playing baccarat.

Cards you hold of 9 and under will be counted at their face value (i.e. Aces = 1,2 = 2 etc.)

If your cards exceed the magic "Natural" of 9,they lose their value by dropping the first digit of the total value.So,a 9 and 5 will be valued at just 4 (9+5 = 14 minus first number,and now equals 4),another example,7 and 6 = 13,so is valued at 3.

This is where the third card rule is adopted - if the players total value is 5 or less,a third card is dealt to the player.

The dealers response to the third card varies from casino to casino and online sites - but the Banco will always stand on 7 or better.

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