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A Punters Guide to Aintree,Liverpool Race Track - Left Hand,Right Hand,Galloping,Easy.Aintree,Liverpool Racecourse Facts.

A description of Aintree Racetrack - Gradients,Direction,Trivia, - Aintree Racecourse.

Located near Liverpool,north west England.

Runners at Aintree run left handed in common with most U.K. racecourses.

The bends,particularly for such a large course,are quite sharp,and you will need an agile horse alongside stamina to show their best form.

Major changes to severity of fences make Grand National much easier than in bygone days.


A flat course that does not normally rely on stamina,but long run in for Grand National (almost 500 yards)  makes for real stamina test in finishing straight.

Aintree Racecourse is huge,triangular shape,and about 2.25 miles in circumference.

2 courses here - National course is 2 and a quarter miles,and the Mildmay course is smaller at about 1 and half miles.

Home of the Grand National - without doubt the world's biggest horse race.

40 runners are allowed to compete in the Grand National.

16 formidable fences for each circuit of Grand National - these spruce fences (not seen on any other racetrack ) are used for just 5 testing races each year.

National Hunt racing was introduced at Aintree Racecourse in 1839 - the Grand National was added to fixtures in 1849.

Aintree Racecourse actually hosted flat race meetings many years before National Hunt code was introduced,but no flat racing takes place here any more.

  Flat racing at Aintree was high quality,and Never Say Die ran here in 1954 before going on to win The Derby (Lester Piggot's first Derby winner at the age of 18).

Red Rum loved this track,and before his Grand National exploits,ran on the flat here as a 2 year old,and dead heated first place in 1967.

Surely no other racecourse can have held a Grand Prix motor race on their track,but Aintree did that in 1955.The motor circuit ran alongside the track and finished in front of the grandstand.Stirling Moss won the first Grand Prix (beating the great Fangio ) in 1955.Altogether 5 Grand Prix races were hosted by Aintree before moving to Brands Hatch in the early 1960's.

It's hard to believe now,but in the 1970's Aintree Racecourse was
dilapidated,and was due to be closed,demolished,and a housing estate built on the site - thanks to a rescue operation by the bookmakers,Ladbrokes,the course was saved,and later flourished.

Norway sent their best horse in 2000,Trinto,who fell at the first fence.That was their first ever runner,and they have not tried again since.

Golden Miller is the only horse ever to have won The Grand National and The Gold Cup in the same year - he achieved that in 1934.

A horse called Lottery won the first Grand National,and stone walls and ploughed fields had to be overcome to win the race in those more stoical days.

Going racing in a group ? - If there are 20+ racegoers in your party,contact management in advance and negotiate your group booking discount!.

Disabled racegoers are made very welcome at Aintree - doors have been widened,special viewing areas,disabled toilets and lifts,special parking areas,and more,all make Aintree a great place for disabled racegoers to enjoy their day out.

Want the VIP treatment ? - book a private box that will  make your Aintree Racecourse visit extra special - contact events manager for prices.

Banquets,weddings,corporate meetings etc. are welcome at Aintree Racecourse throughout the year,and they can cater for groups of 50 to 500 - contact events manager for details.

Many racecourses allow you to bring your own picnics - don't do that at Aintree Racecourse as they are not allowed.

Lots of fast food outlets at Aintree Racecourse,but if you want a sit down restaurant meal you are advised to book in advance.

Aintree allow senior citizens (aged just 60+) reduced admission prices - but be early as the number of these tickets is limited.

In testing soft conditions many horses will fail to complete the 4 and half miles Grand National - the lowest was back in 1928 when just 2 horses completed the race.

Red Rum is the all time Grand National hero - he won it 3 times and finished second on 2 occasions.

Red Rum was a freak of a horse - his breeding suggested that 1 mile on the flat would be his limit.He did race and win on the flat before his true talent for jumping fences was realised.

Another amazing thing about Red Rum,is the fact that he never fell.He completed 5 Grand Nationals,and in the 1970's those fences were much more formidable than they are these days,and in total he ran in 100 races over fences without falling - a remarkable record that no other horse gets any where near.I doubt we will ever see the likes of Red Rum ever again.

Rail visitors are particularly well served when going racing to Aintree,as there is a new railway station right on Aintree Racetrack for visitors easy access.

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