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Bet Staking Plan - Only Bet in Singles - Win Big,Lose Small Bet Staking Plan.


One of the trickiest things about betting is how to actually make those bets - you need a staking plan and need to stick to it !!.

I think it is accepted that the most successful punters bet in singles only.
 Just forget those Lucky 15's and Yankees - the bookies love to push those bets as they are without doubt their most profitable bets.

Why are multiple bets to be avoided?

Well just think about it.

If you have,for example,a Lucky 15 bet,and your first selection loses - you have lost 8 bets,and just 7 bets survive ! - just 25% of your selections have lost,but you have thrown away over 50% of your stake money already!.

So just betting in singles is the best approach.

Many tipsters suggest you should have a rigid bet bet stake and stick with it whatever luck you may be having.

Personally,if i backed three or 4 winners on the trot and just stuck to my original stake,I would be more than just a bit irritated - these are the winning runs we all aspire to,and when they do occur,you need to cash in big time.

So,of course,you do need to have an original stake unit you are comfortable with - and that will go up and down depending on your winnings and losses at the time.


Staking Plan for Betting in Singles.

Maybe £10 is a figure that most punters would be comfortable with as a starting betting unit.

Your first single bet is loser - stick to £10 for further single bets - or reduce this amount to a figure you now want to bet in - never,ever increase your unit stake after a loss.

Your first single  bet is a winner - you now need to increase your stakes - you are now getting the benefits of a multiple bet payout,but you are in total control.

How much of an increase in stake for next bet ? - depends on the winning odds !.

I suggest you take 50 % of that winning bet and make that your next wager,

For example - you backed a 3/1 winner with first bet = £40 - bet £20 on next bet.

The next bet also wins,this time at 4/1 = £100 - bet £50 on your next bet.

This time,you lose - revert straight back to your original stake unit = £10 and start again !.

This way of betting will lock in your previous winnings,and at the same time increase your winnings dramatically should you be lucky enough to back a sequence of winners (or football games etc.) - much better,and exciting than just sticking to a flat rate bet.

Basically,you are betting same units or decreasing bets when losing,and increasing bets when winning - it is amazing how many, even experienced punters,do just the opposite,under the illusion that their luck must change eventually.

So,if you do want to show a profit betting on horse racing,or any other sport,confine your bets to singles only.

Also make sure you follow the staking plan above,or devise your own more conservative or aggressive staking plan - but make sure that stakes are increasing only when you are winning,and those stakes are reducing or staying flat if you are losing -  and that applies to any betting option you may indulge in from horse racing,blackjack or spinning the roulette wheel.


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