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DEAD HEATS IN RACING EXPLAINED - What You Win When Backing Winner in Dead Heat Finish.


You have just watched a horse race on television or on the track and sometimes you are convinced you have won,and often you are sure you just got pipped on the post!.

That's when the dreaded dead heat is announced,sometimes accepted with relief or bitter disappointment.

Actually dead heats are much rarer these days than in the not too distant past due to clearer resolution and other technical advances in deciding which horse won.

However they still occur and the dead heat causes great confusion to even experienced gamblers with decades of betting experience who still get it wrong - and will argue with colleagues and beleaguered bookmakers who try to explain to them what they have actually won when they have a dead heat winning bet.

This is How to Calculate Your Dead Heat Horse Racing Odds.

Many horse racing enthusiasts,in fact I would say most punters think they get half the odds of dead heat winner.

That is incorrect! - you lose half your stake and get 50% of your wager going onto original odds.

Same thing ? - No !.

Example - You backed 12/1 winner in dead heat and wagered £10.

Many punters demand £70 as their winnings - i.e.half odds,which is 6/1 with £10 staked.

This is what you get! - £5 (which is half your original bet ) at full odds of 12/1,and get paid £65.

So,you will not see £70 but just £65.


Another Example £20 on 4/1 - you get £50 returns,which is £10 at 4/1 and not £60 which many punters expect with a bet of £20 at half odds of 2/1.

You can get back less than you bet if horse is dead heat odds on!.

Example,your bet is £20 on 1/2 favourite,so,this time you get half your stake at 1/2 which returns you just £15 - a loss on your original stake.

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