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How to Work Out Your Decimal Odds Bets - From Doubles Through to Yankees and Lucky 15,31,63 - Explanation of Calculating Decimal Odds Bets.


As someone who has bet fraction odds betting for many years,decimal odds were a bit alien to me at first,but I am a convert - they should be adopted for all formats of betting.

Why ?

Well,I know punters who have bet for many,many years,who still do not know the difference between,lets say,8/13 and 4/7,and therefore which is the better odds.

Awkward fractions for people to grasp - but look at those odds in decimal odds...

8/13 is 1.62 and 4/7 is 1.57.

As you can see,1.62 is a higher figure than 1.57 - so,8/13 is slightly better odds than 4/7 - the higher the number the better the odds!.

Also,with fractional odds,there is nothing between those prices - but decimal numbers between 1.57 and 1.62 can be used by oddsmakers to tweak the prices and offer even more options.

Now,lets show you how to work out bets from doubles,through to Yankees and Lucky 15's - and remember these instructions apply whether you are betting in English Pounds,Dollars or Euros.


Calculate Decimal Doubles.

Lets use 2.75 and 3.50.

Just multiply them out ! - 2.75
x 3.5 = 9.62.

You win 9.62 pounds,euros or dollars.

Maybe you bet £5 - now just do 2.75 x 3.5 x 5 = £48.12.

If you bet just 25p just do this 2.75 x 3.5  x .25 = £2.41.

If you do straight trebles or accumulators - same method as doubles.

Calculate Yankees at Decimal Odds.

This is actually simpler than fractional odds - very quick and accurate.

Lets use these odds ....2.84....3.27....1.95....2.65.

Again just multiply them out - but you need to adjust those prices first.

Just add one unit to the decimal odds,

So,these are the odds for calculating a decimal odds Yankee....


Multiply them 3.84 x 4.27 x 2.95 x 3.65 = £176.55.

With a Yankee you have more work to do (you don't need to do this for Lucky 15 bet) as you you do not have singles in Yankee bet,and the above equation includes singles.

So,use that equation 3.84 x 4.27 x 2.95 x 3.65 and now deduct those singles odds.


Important !
- you must deduct the original odds now,not the enhanced odds used in the equation.

So this is the way to calculate winnings....

3.84 x 4.27 x 2.95 x 3.65 - 2.84 - 3.27 - 1.95 - 2.65.

You are now almost finished,but you must deduct one unit to make bet accurate.

So,as above 3.84 x 4.27 x 2.95 x 3.65 - 2.84 - 3.27 - 1.95 - 2.65 - 1 =£164.84p.

As you did for singles,if you bet in any other amount than full Pound,Dollar or Euro your final entry after the -1 is your stake unit.

Just use above method for all bets that contain winning doubles,trebles and above (I.E bets that do not contain singles).
Calculate Lucky 15,31 and 63 Bets.

This is even easier and quicker than Yankee calculations as you now have singles in this bet.

We will use same prices a Yankee example -

2.84............3.27.........1.95.......2.65.......These are your odds.

3.84.........4.27........2.95.........3.65.......These are odds used in calculation.

So,simply multiply 3.84 x 4.27 x 2.95 x 3.65 - 1 = £175.55.

As you can see,you again need to deduct 1 for stake unit - and that is it for a Lucky 15 bet - takes seconds,and quicker than using a bet calculator.

Again just adjust your stake unit at the very end.

This works for all full cover bets (I.E. singles plus doubles  etc.).

We have many articles on how to work out your bets just visit HOME > ARTICLES for more information.

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