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Win Huge Horse Racing Payout on ITV 7 Saturday Bet - And It Is Free to Enter!.

Saturdays ITV Televised Horse Races,10th June,2023.#itvracing,ITV 4 Racing.

TV is the only place you can watch top quality horse racing for free - and you can now also have a free bet at the same time - the ITV 7.

The ITV 7,or Pick 7,is organised in conjunction with bookmakers Skybet.

Older visitors will remember the original ITV 7 bet which was very popular in those pre National Lottery days.

The principles are the same,with the big difference being this is completely free to play.

To win,you need to select the winner of 7 horse races,usually races televised by ITV on Saturday.

It's not easy to win,but the payout is huge at £50,000 (sometimes higher for big race meetings ), and there is a consolation prize for best effort of £1,000 if nobody scoops the jackpot.

The bet runs throughout the year for both flat,national hunt,and sometimes both codes together at same time.

Please note - if favourites oblige,there may be more than one winner - in this case the £50,000 prize is shared between the winners.

However the consolation prize will not be split - this goes to the person that registered their bet first at Skybet.

Summary of ITV 7 Rules.

You get jackpot payout for picking all 7 winners.

If you back a non runner,you go onto the favourite in that race.

Dead heat ? - both selections are considered winners.

If some races are abandoned late,and there are fewer than 7 horse races - the jackpot is amended downwards in value.

Nobody picks 7 winners ? - the consolation prize kicks in.

How to Enter the Pick 7 Competition.

You need to use your Sky Bet account,or open a new account,and register your selections there.

You can also register an account through the official ITV 7 website.

Players can also download an app which lets you play via most devices.

If you are lucky enough to win ITV 7,or a consolation prize,you don't need to do anything - you will receive an email,or text informing you of the win,and money is paid directly into your bank account.


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