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BETTING ON CORNERS. Advice,Tactics, Statistics,Tips for Betting on Corners In Football Matches Explained.

We are all trying to find an angle or niche where we can specialize and show a profit when betting on football.

One for you to consider is betting on corners - I know,this isn't my idea of fun either,but I know a few punters whose main bets are on this market,and unlike me they are drawing out funds from their bookmakers on a regular basis.


Betting on corners seems a simple market,but like all games and strategies,the more you delve into it the more complicated it all becomes.

First thing you need to drum into your approach into betting on corners is the average numbers of corners in most football games - just under 11 - and it never seems to vary over the years.

This bet was once the preserve of Spread Betting companies,but now all online bookmakers will offer you a comprehensive betting market on the number of corners during a game of football.

Remember firstly - the markets are almost always based on 90 minutes play - even if it is a cup game and goes into extra time - it all stops at the end of 90 minutes play.

Most bookmakers,including the exchanges,have fallen into line and usually offer this market to bet on.........9 corners or under...........10 or 11 corners............12 or more corners.

Some other bookmakers bet differently,including Betfair who go 13+ corners in final option - but as you can see all markets are based around that magical figure of 11 corners average.

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So,why do you get different odds for each game if the average is 11?.

Well you have to analyze the teams that are playing.

Some teams play possession football on the half way line and attack rarely - low corners!.

Others will press all the time and use wingers to make a succession of crosses - high corners!.

Also if betting high corners you will want an unequal contest where a top team is playing a relegation contender who will lay siege to their goal and give away corners as pressure mounts by the superior team - high corners!.

Maybe the match is between 2 fairly equal sides who will cancel each other out and conduct a mid field battle hoping to sneak a late winner with a breakaway or mistake by defender - low corners!.


I can't give you the teams that fall into each category as managers change,tactics change and new players can affect the team formation - just refer to the stats most bookmakers now provide as they will pinpoint the trends you want to incorporate into your corners bets.

Important! - Don't be influenced into just using high scoring teams under the assumption that goals = corners - not true!.Stats prove that the number of corners in high scoring games is exactly the same as low scoring games - it's that magical 11 again!.The teams tactics and attacking capabilities are what counts,not goals scored in the past.

Not just total corners markets - try these betting options!........

Corners handicap...................corners match bet(which team gets most corners)................corners in first half....................corners in second half.....................which team gets the first corner...................which team gets last corner................corners odd or betting on exact number of corners during match.

The above bets may be good fun,but you are really just relying on luck with these bets,and suggest you stick to the total corners market where you can at least apply a little logic.

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