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The Quadpot is a smaller version of the Placepot - and as the name suggests,just 4 races in the Quadpot as opposed to 6 races in the Placepot.

The races for the Quadpot are always the LAST FOUR races of the normal Placepot (these are always the first 6 races) - i.e. the Quadpot races are always the 3rd,4th,5th and 6th races of every race meeting in the U.K. or Ireland.

The logic of the Tote who host this bet,is Placepot punters can try again if they have been eliminated from their Placepot bets in the first or second race - a consolation prize!.

Obviously,this bet is easier to win than the Placepot and the winning dividends will be smaller.

However some dividends can be quite substantial if there are some shock results - and the low number of perms needed for just 4 races still make the Quadpot an attractive bet.

The rules are exactly the same as the Placepot - you do not need any winning selections to land Quadpot - you don't get any extra if the selection does win - they just need to qualify for place in each particular race.

These are the place requirements for a winning leg in the Quadpot........


If there are 4 or less runners - in this case your horse does indeed need to WIN.

If there are 5-7 runners the Quadpot selection must finish in FIRST 2.

If there are 8+ in the Quadpot race your selection must finish in FIRST 3.

Big field HANDICAPS are hard races and the Tote Quadpot bet also survives if your selection FINISHES 4TH in races of 16 + runners,and remember only handicaps pay out on this 4th position.

Quadpot Perms.......

You can do a straight line for the Quadpot of £2 or £5 or whatever you wish,but perms are more rewarding - remember you may have Quadpot Perm for lets say,20p units - but your Quadpot payout is not restricted to 20p as all winning lines are multiplied out and you can land Quadpot for much bigger amounts than your original unit stake.

Only 4 races in Quadpots and perms are useful for including outsiders that may boost the payout considerably if the favourites are out the frame.

Some examples of perms you can use......

Maybe you just want 2 in each race - that is just 16 bets (2 X 2 X 2 X 2).

Perhaps it is big meeting with plenty of runners and you want 3 in each race - that is 81 bets ( 3 X 3 X 3 X 3).

You can include bankers if a particular race looks easy - now perhaps you have 2 in each race with 1 banker - just 8 bets (1 X 2 X 2 X 2).

Perhaps a banker and 3 in other races - this is 27 bets (1 X 3 X 3 X 3).

Just multiply out the number of selections in each Quadpot race - you can decide for each leg how many you want to include to give you a winning race - the easier the race the fewer selections,and the tougher the race the more selections you may want to bet on. 


Non runners in Quadpots.............

Same rules as Placepots - any non runners you bet on will be replaced by the favourites - you don't get money back on Quadpot bets for non runners - you either win or lose!.

Important - If there are joint favourites the horse with the lowest racecard number is the favourite you are relying on.

If you already have included the favourite in your Quadpot selections,you are doubled up on that horse - so if it is placed you now have 2 winning selections in that leg when working out your winning Quadpots lines.

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