First Time Blinkers on Racehorses.

Will Blinkers Improve Horse's Performance?. 


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Will Blinkers First Time Improve a Horses Performance ? - When to Back Horses Blinkered for First Time.


Will first time blinkers improve a horses performance ? - I don't think anybody knows,including the trainer, until the race is run.

Blinkers,by the way,for anyone new to racing,is just a hood that is fitted over the horses head and only lets the horse look forward down the racetrack,and not be distracted by the crowd or any other horses - it should make them concentrate more.

How do you know a horse is wearing blinkers for the first time ? - just refer to the racecard or newspaper listings - a B after the horses name lets you know that the horse is indeed wearing blinkers,but there needs to be a small number 1 after the B which informs you that the horse is wearing blinkers for the first time.

The same applies to visored horses or horses wearing an eye shield - the V or Eye will again have a small number 1 immediately after the letter to let you know it is first time worn.(Visors let a horse see a little more than blinkers,and even more so with an eye shield).Often trainers will progress from eye shields through to full blinkers to try and improve a horses performance.

So,which horses will benefit most from wearing blinkers the first time ?.


You can take one of two ways of looking at this - is this a patient and well planned coup ? - or the last throw of the dice by trainer to get something out of an exasperating or useless horse ?.

Without a doubt,blinkers first time on a sprinter - that is a 5 or 6 furlong race,deserves extra consideration.The horse with blinkers first time will normally break quickly and run faster over the early stages of a race - but will the horse last out to the line ? - some do and some don't,normally a blinkered horse when passed will drop away quickly - they either win or finish way back most times.

Maybe fast tracks like Brighton or Epsom will also prove more of an option for horses with blinkers for the first time,tracks like Sandown or Beverley where stamina is required will not be so suitable.

Often a trainer will put blinkers on older horses who maybe have got a little bored with racing and need to be freshened up.


So,blinkers are best utilised when putting them on young sprinters whose form can often improve dramatically with blinkers,and also older horses,who at one time were useful,but have deteriorated,maybe bored with the racing and need something new,like blinkers,to make them concentrate on racing again.

Blinkers first time often have a dramati effect on a horses performance,but the improvement wears of if used again and again - look out for trainers who use blinkers sparingly on a horse that has won with them before,and lost a sequence of races when not wearing blinkers.

If you back every horses who wear blinkers for the first time - you will lose money consistently.

However,concentrate on sprinters and get to know the trainers  tactics and some huge priced winners can be unearthed when wearing blinkers for the first time.

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