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Bet Each Way ? - Turn Losing Bets into Winning Bets With Extra Place Payout at Betfred.

Do you like to make each way horse racing bets ?.

If you do, you should take advantage of Betfreds latest promotion of paying horse racing fans extra places on their wagers - turn a losing bet into a winner.

You don't get this racing bonus on every race, Betfred publish every day, on their website which races qualify for this bonus (promotions > extra places).

The selected horse races, where you can take advantage of this offer, change every day, and listed are the races, with the extra places that you can get.

These extra places can really make a big difference to your winnings.

4 places on 9 runner races.

The most generous extra odds are the 4 places offered to punters with the number of runners as low as 9,which certainly improves greatly your odds of getting a return on your bets.

You also get 4 places for races with more than 9 runners,but, of course, the lower the number of runners with 4 places, the easier it is to get a placed horse.

3 places on 6 runner races.

Betfred also make betting on small field horse races more appealing, and typically offer 3 places for 6 runner races, and these are also races to target, as half the field earns you a return.

Remember, you only get these incentives on certain races - check out which races get that bonus (updated every day), and target them with your each way wagers.

You also get extra places on your multiple bets.

This bonus is not only available to your single bets, but also your multiple bets also, and can really boost your returns, which you would not normally get.

This offer is not offered in the betting shops, but website, and app bets do qualify.

The promo is automatic, no need to opt in, the extra places will be paid out on those selected races.

The extra places promotion is usually given to their clients every single day.

The extra place races usually apply to the U.K. and Ireland, however big races from further afield are also subject to this offer.

As always, there are some terms and conditions.

Bonus only applies to those races listed on Promotions > Extra Places page.

Non runners can invalidate the offer.

You will not get extra places on your ante post bets.

Dead heats can affect the extra place bonus.

Bet sizes can be applied if Betfred feel punter is abusing or exploiting this offer.

Full terms and conditions can be found on Betfred website.

This is great incentive for punters, and can often turn a losing bet into a winning bet, and also enhance to total winning on successful multiple bets.

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