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How to Win Tote Exacta Bet.Rules,Strategy and Tips for Tote Exacta.


What is the Tote Exacta ?

The Exacta is a forecast bet for horse racing - you must pick first and second in the correct order.

This is a bet that is run through the Tote System,whereby all bets by participating punters are pooled,and the winners get a tote dividend declared,which is decided by the winning number of bets - less the operating costs of the Tote which is deducted before the dividend is announced.

The dividend is what you get,and there are no further deductions for tax or any Rule 4 implications - these are all settled before dividend declared.

Should just mention that this bet is the same as the Computer Straight Forecast on offer at all bookmakers,but unlike the Exacta,the CSF is a Starting Price calculation deciding the payout.

The main difference between the 2 bets is that it does not matter how much money you place on a CSF bet you will get those odds declared,whereas the Tote Exacta payout can be lessened quite dramatically if a large winning bet is placed into that particular Exacta pool.


This is important to anyone who bets on Exacta.

As said above the payout for Exacta is affected by the size and number of winning bets in the pool.

For this reason bets should be kept quite modest when doing the Tote Exacta.

Many punters will be surprised at how little there is bet into those Tote pools for small mid week meetings,and just a winning £10 Exacta will decimate your expected winnings.Big meetings and Saturday race meetings have bigger turnovers and you can bet into those pools a bit more aggressively without reducing your own payout too much.

If you do want a big bet on forecast then you are strongly advised to do the CSF(and don't be upset if the Exacta is much more,because if you did have that winning bet on the Exacta that dividend would have been much less).

So,the Exacta is not much good then ? - Far from it ! - It beats the CSF on most occasions,particularly when you have shock result.

Your tactics must be different when playing the Tote Exacta - more bets,but smaller units to try and win those shock outsider payouts.

Tote Exacta rules and tactics.

To win the Tote Exacta you must forecast the first and second in the CORRECT order.

You can select 2 horses to finish in first and second place by doing them in reverse order - that is now 2 bets.

You can do higher numbers of selections for your Exacta bets in a perm - for example 3 selections will be 6 bets,4 selections will be 12 bets,5 selections 20 bets,and 6 selections 30 bets.

If you have a non runner in your Tote Exacta bet you get the following refunds.If you have just 2 selections,whether straight or reversed,the bet is void and you get your money back.

Non runners in combination bets are also returned,but the remaining bets will go ahead.So if you have a non runner in a 4 selections bet,you still have 3 selections running.Those 3 selections are 6 bets,and the non runner is in 6 bets,so you get half your stake returned.

Just calculate the live bets and deduct that from total original stake and that is what you get returned.

The Tote Exacta like all Tote bets (except the Scoop 6) is declared to a £1 unit.

You can do combinations or perms for as low as 10p.If you have a 10p correct forecast you of course get 10% of declared dividend,20p will be a fifth,50p a half and so on.

Some advice for Exacta punters.

As stated above NEVER place a large wager on the Tote Exacta - you will just diminish the payout for yourself.

If you want a large straight forecast bet,then do those on the bookmakers Computer Straight Forecast where the payout is set by prices not the number of winning units.

Never do forecast doubles on the Exacta for the same reason.

Combination bets are ok,but better to do separate straight forecast bets.

If you do combination bets you may well collect,but if the first 2 in the betting finish first and second you will be lucky to get your money back.

Far better to pick 2 or 3 fancied horses to win and 2 or 3 OUTSIDERS to finish second.

It's not complicated (if you bet online it is all worked out for you) - just multiply the number of winners you have with the number of seconds you have selected.

So,if you have say 3 to win and 4 to be second you have 12 bets (3 times 4) and so on.

This is where the Exacta excels,when the surprise outsider finishes second - this is when the Exacta pays big,and for quite modest stakes.

The Exacta,if you are going for big dividends,is a better bet over the Jumps races than the flat.Why?,well if one or two fancied horses fall,your outsider bets to finish second obviously now have a better chance.

Apprentices are a good ally when looking for big priced seconds as their weight allowance and their enthusiasm can tip the balance for second place on many occasions.

Exacta dividends are often displayed on course and on betting sites - look for the value Exacta bets,but leave your bets till the off as these markets are very volatile,and also bear in mind your own bet has yet to be included and will lower the dividend you see.

Novice Hurdles,maidens and stakes races are much better races to bet in than Handicaps.Why?,well handicaps are races where theoretically all horse have equal chances and so the betting is more open.

Non handicaps tend to have 2 or 3 horses at very short prices and the rest are long shots - ideal for Exacta punters ! - again select 2 to win and 2 or 3 outsiders to finish second for that big Exacta payout.

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