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Tricast Computer Bet Explained.Non Runners, Combinations,and Perms For Your Tricast Horse Racing and Greyhound Bets.


The tricast bet is a bet you can make on both horse racing and greyhound racing,where you predict the first 3 - in the correct order.

Don't confuse this with the Trifecta - this is the exact same bet,but a Trifecta is a Tote bet - same conditions,but you don't get a computer generated price,you get a Tote dividend which depends on the numbers of winners in that Tote pool.

   Also bear in mind that the Tote Trifecta is on offer for all races of 3 or more runners,but the bookmakers Tricast is only available on Handicap races,with 8 or more runners.(The exception is when 8 runners are declared,and non runners bring that number of runners down - you can still do a Tricast in those races ).Tricast bets are accepted for greyhound races of 6 runners.

Normally I would plump for the Tote option,but regards these 2 options I would always do the Tricast in preference to the Trifecta.It does not matter how many win it,you get your computer generated prices no matter how high your stakes.(The Trifecta will often beat the Tricast,but if you had a big bet in the pool,that dividend would plummet ).

The Tricast Explained,and Tricast Combinations.

As explained above,you need to select the first 3 places of any horse or greyhound race in the correct order - a hard bet to win,but that is reflected in the high payouts this bet returns,and combinations certainly make the bet easier to win.

You can of course do a straight Tricast bet selecting 3 horses or greyhounds to finish 1-2-3,and that is just 1 bet.

Attempting to win the Tricast with one straight bet is optimistic to say the least,and a combination bet is recommended.

If you do a combination,the horses or dogs can win in any order,and because you have full combination covering all results,as long as you have all 3 in your bet,you win the Tricast to the stake unit you selected.

The Number of Bets for Tricast Combination Perms.


If you have 3 selections you have 6 combination bets.

If you have 4 selections you have 24 combination bets.

If you have 5 selections you have 60 combination bets.

If you have 6 selections you have 120 combination bets.

Any higher number of selections,I would suggest,is to expensive for the returns you may achieve.

Non Runners in Tricast Bets.

Different bookmakers have different rules on this.

Some throw your straight tricast bets (i.e.,when you make just 3 selections) onto Computer Straight forecasts,and some void the bet.

If you do combinations,and have 2 or more non runners,the bets with those non runners are void and returned to you,with the remaining runners still live regards the Tricast bet.

You will need to check with your own bookmaker to see how they treat non runners in Tricast bets.

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