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The placepot bet has grown in popularity over the last few years - maybe it has something to do with not having to pick any winners!.

That's right,it does not matter whether your selections win or not - they must just qualify for a PLACE - in all 6 races.

The Placepot is always the FIRST 6 races of any U.K. and Ireland horse race meeting (no matter how many races at the meeting,it is always the first 6 races).

The winning dividend is always declared to a £1 unit.

The place requirements for your Placepot Selections are as follows......

Four runners or less - This selection must WIN.

5 to 7 runners - This selection must finish in THE FIRST 2.

8 or more runners - This selection must finish in the FIRST 3.

An exception to Handicap races with 16 + runners - If the race is an HANDICAP ,and any selection that finishes FOURTH will now qualify as a winning selection.


There are no deductions,or Rule 4 applications,and even if you win the Placepot with the help of a dead heat selection,you get paid the full amount declared. 

 Non Runners in Placepots.

You never get refunds from Tote Jackpot Bets,whether the Scoop 6,Jackpot,or Placepots.

They get around this by putting any non runners onto the FAVOURITE into that race with non runner.

What if there are joint or even co favourites ? - The bet goes on to the favourite with the LOWEST race order number.By that I mean if you have a non runner and there are 2 co favourites with Race Card numbers 4 and 12 - you are on the horse 4 - and bad luck if that is out the frame and horse 12 obliges - you have lost your cash!.

Maybe you already got the favourite in your Placepot perms? - You now have an extra bet on that selection,in effect doubling your winnings.

What if the favourite is withdrawn ? - you now go onto the second favourite (which is now the favourite in Tote rules) - with the same race card order procedure given above if there are 2 or more joint second favourites.

You Backed the Favourite,but there are joint or Co Favourites.

You don't know which horse will be sent off favourite when you make your Placepots.

If there is a clear favourite,then that is your selection.

However,if there are joint,or even co favourites,you are not on all of those horses regards your Placepot bets - Tote get around this problem by putting all bets onto the favourite with the lowest racecard number.

So,if joint favourites are numbered 3 and 8 on the race card - all your hopes are centred on horse number 3.

It is down to luck really when you back the favourite (or have a non runner),you win some and lose some,but is a fair solution.


Placepot Perms.

Many Placepot punters do just one straight line for perhaps £2 or £5.

Nothing wrong with that and you are playing for big payout,but you only have one selection in each race - pretty tough task in my opinion.

Much better to perm your Placepots - and remember if you do,lets say a 10p perm,you can still land the Placepot to much larger stakes because if you get more than one placed horse in any race those winning bets are multiplied out - example 2 selections placed in 3 races for 10p units will result in a winning line of 80p not just 10p! (2 X 2 X 2 = 8).

Popular perms include 2 in a race which is 64 bets (2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2).

Maybe one race is easy so you want a banker in race 1.Now you have just 32 bets (1 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2).

Perhaps race 2 is hard and you want 3 bets.You now have 96 bets (2 X 3 X 2 X 2 X 2 X 2).

As you can see by above perm - lots of bets and still a modest outlay of just £9.60 if betting in 10p units which is far better betting option than straight £10 line.

You can do as many or as few bets in each race - just multiply out the number of selections in each race!.

Article Update .........dead heats in Placepots.

Recent searches that arrived at this page,after a dead heat 3rd in a Placepot race,raise a question that I had not really thought about when writing this article .......but this is what happens if there is a dead heat.

The race a few days ago had a dead heat for 3rd place in an 8 runner race.This normally only has 3 qualifiers,however as the dead heat was for 3rd place,the Tote makes an exception and this time qualifies 4 horses in a 8 runner race.

If a dead heat occurs in,lets say,a 4 runner race (normally winner only qualifies),they will consider both horses as winners regards the Placepot,and both selections progress to next Placepot leg.

However,if there is a dead heat for SECOND PLACE,in a race that normally pays on 3 qualifiers,you need to have the winner or second dead heaters to progress to next race.

Same principle applies to all races whether 1,2,3 or 4 horses are considered placed for your Placepot bets.

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