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YANKEE BET EXPLAINED.Number of Bets,Non Runners in Yankee Bets.


Until quite recently the Yankee bet was the most popular way of backing horses,or any other sports bets for that matter.

Recently the Lucky 15 has replaced the Yankee as punters favourite.

The main attraction of the Lucky 15 bet is the bonus you get for one winner,but one winner may still not even get back the bets you lose on the other singles.

The Yankee is for more adventurous punters who dispense with the singles and reduce the number of bets from 15 for Lucky 15 down to 11 for the Yankee bet - less bets means more per unit which will boost bets payout.

The Yankee bet..................

The Yankee consists of 11 bets.

You have 6 Doubles.............4 trebles.....................and 1 accumulator.

You can do an each way ( horses to be placed) Yankee - this is now 22 bets (11 win and 11 each way).

The 11 bets give you a full coverage perm so that 2 winners will guarantee a return.

3 winners will guarantee 3 doubles and one treble.

4 winners is full house with 6 doubles,4 trebles and an accumulator all 4.

There are no singles in this bet,and a one winner Yankee is a losing bet!.

Non Runners in Yankee bets...

One thing many punters get confused about is non runners in their Yankee bets.

When you have a non runner in a Yankee,the money does not all go onto the 3 remaining runners - all 11 bets still stand.


So,1 non runner with 1 winner is just a single at original stake onto the winner.

1 non runner with 2 winners is 2 singles on winners,one double on 2 winners,and another double on the 2 winners which is the payout for your treble which includes that non runner.

1 non runner with 3 winners is now..........6 doubles (consisting of 3 singles on winners for non runner,plus 3 doubles concerning the winners)....................4 trebles (consisting of 3 doubles on winners for non runners,plus 1 winning treble concerning winners).............and finally one accumulator (which is i fact another treble on the 3 winners with that non runner)............and those are the original 11 bets that always stand no matter how many non runners you may have.

If you have one non runner in your Yankee and 3 losers you lose the lot !.

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