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How to Work Out Your Bets Quickley Either Manually or By Calculator - Doubles ,Trebles,Lucky 15s,and Other Multiple Bets.

This article will explain how to work out your doubles,trebles and Yankees etc. - by calculator or manually by fractions.

Firstly,I will assume you have read our article How to Work Out Single Bets

If you have not then you may not understand the following instructions - please read how to get the odds for singles,which you will need before proceeding.

Calculate a Straight Double Bet.

Same principle as doing singles,but one further step.

All bets shown for £1 for simplicity,and it does not matter how much you have staked,just multiply by amount,also currency does not matter,the procedure is just the same.

Some confusion from readers emails - to confirm most bets below are calculated to £1 for simplicity.

All you need to do is multiply that figure(for a £,or any currency)by the unit you have.

So,if your bet is for £5 multiply by 5,if bet is for 50p you multiply by.5,if you bet in 10p you multiply by .10,maybe you bet in just 5p,then multiply by .05.

Lets do 13/8 and 9/4.

We know from single bets page that 13/8 is now 21/8 and 9/4 is 13/4

Calculator - Just multiple them out !

21/8(21 divided by 8)multiplied by 13/4(13 divided by 4) = £8.53

Bet £5 ? - just multiply answer by 5.

Manually - 13/8 is half + half + quarter,and 9/4 is one + one + quarter.

So,1.00 + 1.00 + .50 + .12 = £2.63 + 2.63 + 2.63 + .64 = £8.53.


Lets do 6/4 and 8/11

Calculator = 10/4 times 19/11 = £4.32.

Manually = 1.00 + 1.00 + .50 = £2.50 + 1.67 + .15 = £4.32.

Calculate Straight Treble.

Exactly the same as double,just one step further.

Lets do 9/4,11/4 and 4/7

Calculator = 13/4 times 15/4 times 11/7 = £19.15.

Manually = 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + .25 = £3.25 + £9.75 minus .82 = £12.18 + 6.09 + .87 = £19.14(calculator is the more accurate in this instance).

Calculate Multiple Doubles,Trebles and Yankees

Its getting a bit harder now,but quite simple really.

Remember this covers doubles,trebles and yankees - if you also have singles in bets like the Lucky 15 bets see Full Cover Bets below.

Lets do 3 doubles and a treble on 3 winners - 4/1 7/4 and 13/8

Calculator - IMPORTANT - to calculate multiple bets you need to adjust the prices you use.

They have to be boosted by 2 points - by that i mean 4/1 now becomes 6,7/4 becomes 15/4,and 13/8 becomes 29/8.

So,now the above bet becomes 6 times 15/4 times 29/8.

Just multiply out = £81.56

BUT,that is not the amount you have won - this includes your singles.

So,you win £81.56 minus 5.00,2.75 and 2.62(notice you now revert to the original prices not the boosted prices you feed into calculator) = £71.19.

Still not quite there as you still need to deduct 1 from that total to get your true winnings which is £70.19.


Manually - same bet - 4/1 , 7/4, 13/8 - doubles,trebles,no singles.

Doing multiple bets manually does not need any adjustment to prices.

Use a block to work out.


















Add up the doubles and trebles columns = £70.19

As you can see with block above,all parts of bets can be clearly seen.

Just list prices in column 1.

Calculate singles and put in column 2

Calculate all doubles by working downwards,so 5.00 will be placed onto 7/4,and 7.75 will be placed on 13/8 - those are all doubles.

Working down,just place all doubles on to trebles column - in this case just one amount - 13.75 onto 13/8.

You can shorten this slightly by using THE CRASH BLOCK - but will show that later when doing full cover bets - that is bets that have singles,and doubles etc fully covered.

Lets do a Yankee this time - again no singles.

7/4, 2/1, 4/9 6/4

Calculator - 15/4 times 4 times 22/9 times 14/4

minus 2.75, 3, 1.44, 2.5 and again remember to deduct 1 for accurate winnings.

Winnings = £117.64.(results all to £1 ,just multiply by your stake bet)

Manual - same as 3 doubles and trebles in block - just an extra column for accumulator.

Something to bear in mind here - always put on top prices that work out exactly like 2/1 which is 3 or 7/4 which is 2.75 rather than 13/8 which makes you go to 3 decimal places as odds to a pound is 2.625.

The distortion for winnings will be tiny if these prices are at bottom of table,but will throw out big discrepency if put on top.























Just add the doubles,trebles and accumulator columns for your winnings - £117.64.

As you can see,all your returns are clearly shown for each part of bet,and doing this block is actually quicker than calculator if you have just done say,trebles within 5 winners.

Full Cover Bets - Bets that Include Singles.

This section will be exactly the same as Yankees etc.but will also include single bets that are to included in Lucky 15,Lucky 31 bets and similar.

Lets start with just 2 selections - full cover.

15/8 and 11/8 - one double and 2 singles.

calculator - Easy,double those prices again as in bets above,multiply - again remember to deduct 1 at end.

So,31/8 times 27/8 minus 1 = £12.08.

Manually - No need to actually create block just prices.










Total singles and double = £12.08.

Lucky 15,or Yankee Full Cover - Includes Singles.

This is how you do Lucky 15 bets,Lucky 31 Bets,Yankees with singles - no matter how many bets involves.

Lets do a Lucky 15 - 4 winners full cover.

3/1 7/2 13/8 and 7/4

calculator - 5 times 11/2 times 29/8 times 15/4 minus 1 = £372.83.


Instead of doing doubles,trebles,etc separately,just crash it all into one column - everything above a price is put onto those odds in one action.
















Add them up and you get £372.83

No matter how many winners - just add more columns,and crash for full cover bets and use full table if you just want trebles or maybe doubles - no need to do full table,stop at doubles or trebles or whatever information you want.

Each Way Bets,Rule 4 Deductions,Dead Heats in Multiple and Full Cover Bets.

Exactly the same procedure as given above,although the numbers involved will obviously be more complicated - example

7/4 (quarter) 8/11 (fifth) 4/1 (quarter) and 13/8 (fifth )

Will be 7/16 8/55 evens 13/40 - see How to Work Out Single Bets for full explanation if you need to know how to get those new place odds for dead heats,and rule 4 deductions..

Awkward figures but follow exactly the same procedures as explained above.

The above article refers to multiple bets - visit How to Work Out Single Bets for explanation of how to calculate singles manually and with a calculator.

By Pendil at SAFE BOOKMAKERS SITES.İThis article can be reproduced by anyone,so long as article is reproduced full and intact with all links unchanged.End of article.



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