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Tote Trifecta Bet Explanation.Non Runners,Combination Perms Tote Trifecta Bet.


The Tote Trifecta is a tricky bet for horse racing punters to solve,but the rewards are high,and with combinations the bet becomes easier to win.

So,what do you need to do to win the Trifecta - Simple! - just pick the first 3 in a race - in the CORRECT ORDER. 

Tote Trifecta rules...

Contrary to what almost every other betting site on the Trifecta bet says - this bet is available for all U.K. Races with THREE or more runners - not 8 as listed almost every where else.The rules changed many months ago.

You need to pick the first 3 horses in correct order - there are no consolation prizes for 2 out of 3 correct - you either win or lose.

You cannot enter unnamed favourites in the Trifecta - you must name each horse.

Dividends for Trifecta are for 1,but you can do perms or combinations for 10p +,but your total stake on Trifecta must reach 2+.

Perms and combinations for Trifecta Bet.....


The Trifecta bet is ideal for fun horse racing punters who want to win big for small bets,and the combination or perm is how you have to proceed - you need to be a super optimist to do a straight one bet Trifecta as it is an extremely difficult bet to predict.

For full cover with 3 selections - You have 6 Trifecta bets.

For full cover with 4 selections - You have 24 Trifecta bets.

For full cover with 5 selections - You have 60 Trifecta bets.

For full cover with 6 selections - You have 120 Trifecta bets.

For full cover with 7 selections - You have 210 Trifecta bets.

I would suggest to have more selections would be counter productive,but all you need to do is work how many trebles there are in the number of selections you have - and then multiply that figure by 6.

Bankers in Trifecta bets....

To reduce the number of bets in perms and combinations - remember,although you have perhaps hundreds of bets - you can only win the Trifecta once,so keep bets as low as possible.

1 Banker (to finish 1st,2nd or 3rd) with 3 others = 18 bets....................with 4 others = 36 bets.................with 5 others = 60 bets...................with 6 others = 90 bets.

2 Bankers (to finish 1st,2nd or 3rd) with 2 others = 12 bets...................with 3 others = 18 bets....................with 4 others = 24 bets.....................with 5 others = 30 bets.............with 6 others = 36 bets.

Non runners in Trifecta Bets......

You get a bet refund if you have non runners in your Trifecta wagers.

But please note that the whole bet is not voided.

The horses that do run (you of course need at least 3) are still live and entered into the betting pool and you can still get winning Trifecta payout.

The portion of the bet that does not run (and just 1 non runner can mean lots of voided bets in combination bets) are returned to the punter.

So,even of you have just one non runner in Trifecta combinations - do not discard it - go collect!. 

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