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How to Play Roulette - Simple Rules and Explanation of Roulette,Online and Casino.


Roulette is perhaps the most popular casino game of all.

Probably because it is so simple to play and requires little effort from the player,and unlike blackjack or poker you do not have to keep making calculations about pot odds or trying to card count - a mind numbingly boring effort after a few minutes for most players who just want some good and fun entertainment with a fair prospect of showing a profit.

Online roulette players have it particularly easy - just hit the re bet button and the same bet will be automatically carried over for as many games as you want.Also online roulette fans can have other special bets that individual online casinos offer that are not available when visiting a real casino.

Indeed,whether you play online or in the casino,a full record of past spins is shown,and you can make your decisions about what to bet by just glancing at that updated record of what has hapenned previously - but bear in mind the old adage,that if red has turned up ten times on the trot - it is still evens for black next spin!.

Now for the bets and rules of roulette.....


What do you get paid when playing roulette ?

If you have a straight bet on one number you get odds of 35/1.

If you couple 2 numbers you get odds of 17/1.

If you make a line bet (a column of numbers inside layout) you get odds of 11/1.

Corner bet,which straddles 4 numbers gets you odds of 8/1.

Column bets are 12 numbers and pay you odds of 2/1.

If you bet on either the red/black or odd/even or high/low roulette markets - you get odds of evens.

As you can see the odds are shaved whenever you combine 2 or more selections.It may be better to just do several individual numbers to get best odds - but you choose!

The roulette dealer and casino etiquette.......

When playing online or at the casino you will notice that the roulette wheel never stops spinning,even between games.

Also note that the dealer will always enter the ball to the wheel in the opposite direction so that the ball will randomley jump into the air and this makes it unpredictable where the ball will land.

If you are playing roulette online you will only be allowed to bet at correct times.However in the casino watch the betting table and you will see that after each spin the dealer will place his marker on the winning number for your and his reference - you must wait until the dealer removes this marker before placing your bets for the next spin of the wheel.

Playing at the casino - no room for your chips? - if someone else has bet on your number or combination,don't worry just pile your chips on top of theirs - that is quite acceptable,the dealer will know whose chips are whose.

Can you bet after the dealer throws the ball into the wheel? - yes! - he,or she will allow bets still to be placed on the mat until the wheel starts to slow.The dealer will then,in no uncertain terms,let you know that - "no more bets allowed".

Can you win playing roulette ?...

Well yes,you can certainly have great nights where everything goes your way and profits flow.However players should appreciate that there is a built in profit for both real and online roulette games - again make sure you play roulette with just 1 zero and not 2!.

So,in my opinion,roulette is a great game to enjoy and pass time with the distinct possibility of winning from time to time.

The only adavantage you have over the casino in built odds is the size of bets you make over your roulette session - manipulate and change your bet stakes with the ebb and flow of where you stand - bet bigger when you are in front than when you are behind!.

Forget systems,just adopt a staking plan (there are lots of them) and stick to it - but to emphasise my main betting strategy,whatever the gamble is - bet big when winning - bet small when losing.


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