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Asian Handicap Betting Explained - Betting Options For Football and Sports Fans When Betting Asian Handicap Odds.


Asian Handicap betting was introduced in Indonesia,and is now a popular form of betting,particularly on football matches,with sports fans worldwide.

So, what is Asian Handicap betting ? - in a nutshell,it reduces the number of results in a football match(or any sporting event) from 3 to 2 - the draw is taken out of the equation - one of the 2 teams is a winner under Asian Handicap odds.

  The Asian Handicap equalises 2 teams chances,so that a match that may not be a normal betting opportunity,due to one teams superiority over their opponents, is now a bet that can be considered as both teams now have a chance of winning.

How do they do this ? - The inferior team is given a theoretical score added to their actual achievements during the game.

A close game,may have just a half goal added to the inferior teams score,and if one team is even more superior,then more than one goal will be credited to the other side.

In other words,Asian Handicap betting tries to make both teams chance of victory as equal - a 50/50 betting option for you to choose from.

Punters like Asian Handicap betting,but it is not so popular with bookmakers.European Bookmakers in particular,will take these bets,but they much more prefer laying odds about first scorer and other multi result betting markets - the 2 result nature of Asian Handicap betting reduces their profits considerably.

Traditionally,the Asian bookmakers will take far bigger bets than their European counterparts.However,this is a bit of an illusion,and is mainly due to the fact that they take more Asian Handicap bets.The profits for the bookmaker may be lower,but liability is more easily managed,due to the lack of volatility in the odds,and therefore their ability to adjust their risk to a level they are comfortable with.


Asian Handicap Betting 0.

You will not see this so often,and only occurs when the layers cannot decide who is the favourite team to win,a match of equal sides.You take the odds on offer,and if the game ends in a draw,your cash is refunded.

Asian Handicap Betting 1.

On this occasion,if you bet the side rated - 1,they need to win by 2 clear goals for you to collect.

If they only manage a 1 goal victory,you get your money returned.

If you decide to bet the underdog side,with + 1,you collect if they either win or draw.You also get money back if they lose by just 1 goal.

Asian Handicap Betting 1.5.

Same as Asian Handicap 1 betting,if you are betting the superior side (must win by 2 clear goals),however if you bet the underdog at +1.5,this time you also get paid out as winner if they lose by just one goal as you now have 1.5 goal credit.

Asian Handicap Betting - Double Handicap.

As you become more comfortable with this form of betting,you can also bet under the Double Handicap option.This is just a way of splitting your stakes on 2 handicaps and removes the bet returned cashback - you either win or lose.

Asian Handicap Betting in Running.

Recently adopted by Asian Handicap bookmakers  is the popular in running betting market,now so many games are televised live all around the world.

Remember - if taking an Asian Handicap bet in running - you are betting on what happens from now on - any goals already scored do not count.


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