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How to Work Out Your Decimal Bets.Calculator or Manual Methods of Working Out Decimal Bets.


This article is devoted to working out your decimal bets - we have another article - Calculate Doubles,Trebles,Lucky 15s. - But the explanations given there concern fractional bets and do not apply when calculating decimal bets.

What do I mean by decimal bets ?.

This is when your betting site displays the odds in this format - 1.75 or 2.6 etc.

The fractional odds are displayed in this format - 13/8 or 7/4 etc.The fractional odds are also often displayed in what could also be a described as a decimal format - 9/5 or 7/5 - this article will not help with those betting odds - visit the link above to relevant page.

Punters should actually now begin to think in decimal terms when making bets as these surely will become the default format due to their use on internet betting sites and betting exchanges.

Remember,this is simpler than fractional odds to understand.For example lots of punters will not know which is the best odds between say 8/13 and 4/7(they are close but 8/13 is best).

With decimal betting just bear in mind - when you compare 2 different decimal prices,the one with the highest number is always the best odds!.


What decimal odds represent.

Firstly you must now grasp the fact that your stake is included in the decimal odds displayed.

So,odds of 2.00 is not 2/1 but evens! (1 for your stake and 1 for your unit win).

Another example 3.5 is actually 5/2 ( 1 for your stake and 2.5 for win unit).

It's difficult for experienced punters who are used to seeing fractional odds and normally get those odds PLUS the unit stake in addition.

So,some more examples of decimal odds - 2.50 (which is 6/4)............2.75 (which is 7/4)....................1.73 (which is 8/11).

That's the last time I will quote fractional odds - decimal from now on.

Decimal odds are actually superior to fractional betting as the layers can now go to a hundredth of a unit when offering odds.For example you can take a price of say,2.61 which has no accepted fractional equivalent - the nearest is 13/8 with odds of 2.625.

Work out singles at decimal odds - calculator or manually.

Pretty simple !.

Decimal odds example,2.75...........this is odds to one pound (or whatever currency you use).So your returns are £2.75 to a Pound - just mutiply that figure by your stake.

Example £5 at 2.75 = 2.75 X 5 = £13.75 and that's it.

Another example £2.50 a 1.73 = 1.73 X £2.5 = £4.32.

It's just as easy,and maybe quicker manually!.

Lets manually do £5 at 2.75 - you see a 2 at start of odds so you know you get 2 stake units - £10.

Then you got .7 which is 7/10ths - a 10th of £5 is .50,so X 7 = £3.50.

You then have .05 of the original odds which is 5/100ths.You know a tenth is .50 so you now know 1/100th is .05.You got 5/100th so .05 X 5 = .25.

Total them up you have £10 + £3.50 + .25 = £13.75.

Looks complicated but really is just £5 + £5 + £3.5 + .25 = £13.75.

Lets again manually do the other decimal price above - £2.50 at 1.73............This looks horrendous,but it's not,it's quick and easy!

You have 1,so you have £2.5.

You have 7/10ths so you have £1.75 (.25 X 7).

You have 3/100ths so you have .07 (.025 X 3 )

So,£2.50 at £1.73 = £2.50 + £1.75 + .07 = £4.32 - actually £4.325,but close enough.

Once you get used to doing it this way it is just as quick,maybe quicker than a calculator.


Lets do Doubles,Trebles and Accumulators.

Again quick and simple whether by calculator or manually.

Let's do a double at 1.84 and 3.75.

Just multiply them out - you now have answer to a one pound unit - or any other currency.

So,£1 double is £6.90 - just multiple this figure again by the unit you have X 5 for £5,X .50 for 50p bets,and so on.

Manually is also simple...............

£1.84 at £3.75 = £1.84 + £1.84 + £1.84 + .92 + .46 = £6.90.

Let's do a treble at 1.75 , 2.50 1.95 for £5 Stake.

Calculator........1.75 X 2.50 X 1.95 X 5 = £42.66.

Manually .......

£5 at 1.95 = £5 + £4.50 + .25 = £9.75.

£9.75 at 1.75 = £9.75 + £4.88 + £2.43 = £17.06.

£17.06 at 2.5 = £17.06 + £17.06 + £8.53 + £42.65.

One penny out but good enough.Notice I did these in different order than by calculator - get rid of worst decimal odds first and leave easiest till last which in this case is 2.5.

Doubles or trebles within multiple selections.

If you just have doubles or maybe trebles within lots of selections use the BLOCK METHOD (singles go on to doubles and doubles go onto trebles and so on)..

Decimal odds






















Just total the column you are interested in - doubles,or trebles or whatever - this is just a table for 4 selections you can have as many as you want.And remember,the table calculates bets for £1 unit - just multiply the total you are interested in by your stake unit.

Full Cover bets - singles through to accumulators.

If you have full cover bets including singles and all doubles,trebles can shorten the above method by using the CRASH BLOCK (everything from the left is added and placed on the next odds).Now you will no longer see the doubles etc.but just your full returns.

If you also have singles as well as full cover doubles etc. you need to add the singles to get correct winning total,just ignore singles if only doing doubles and upwards.

Decimal Odds















A more detailed explanation of using block method - by calculator or manually can be found on our page .........Calculate Doubles,Trebles,Lucky 15s.

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