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Scoop 6 Bet Explained.Tote Rules and Explanation of Scoop 6 Bet.


The Scoop 6 Bet is a weekly bet organized by Totepool on the best races every Saturday that the U.K. horse racing calendar can provide.

On occasions,like the Christmas holiday period there are festive Scoop 6 events,but by and large this is a Saturday only bet organised by the Tote.

As stated,this bet is a Tote bet,and that means you are not betting against the bookmakers where you place your bet,but you are battling against all the other Scoop 6 punters that have made a bet and helped to swell the cash in the pool - that is what Tote betting is,pool betting,where all the dividends are shared out amongst the winners.

So,what goes in eventually comes out,less the commission the Tote take to organize and host the event.

Very often the Scoop 6 is not won by anybody,and that's when you get a rollover situation.

It only needs to go a couple of weeks without being won and the Scoop 6 payout goes into orbit,with payouts exceeding £1 million quite often,and over £2 million on some occasions.

This is what makes the Scoop 6 and other Jackpot events so alluring.

You can bide your time,wait until there is plenty in the pool already contributed by previous bettors,and then step in to take that rollover cash from them.

Scoop 6 Rules and Explanation.


The bet is based on six selected races,usually the best horse races on the television that Saturday afternoon.

To win the main Scoop 6 dividend you need to pick the six winners of those races,and a winning dividend will be declared for that part of bet.

Punters should also remember that there is also a place element to the Scoop 6 bet - if you get a horse placed in all of those selected races,you win the place dividend,and this place dividend has in the past been quite a jackpot in itself with well over £1,000 payouts.

The third payout for the Scoop 6 is the Bonus Race Fund.

This is not won with your first bet.If you do manage to win the Scoop 6,you get an invite from the Tote to try to find the winner of the following week's Bonus Race.This part of bet is also often rolled over,and it's a free bet for you to add considerably to the amount you won the previous week in getting 6 Scoop 6 winners.

Summer months normally sees the most rollovers - due to the much bigger fields during the flat grass season compared to the much smaller fields in National Hunt racing that make up the Scoop 6 in winter months.

How much does it cost ?.


Well,the Scoop 6 is not a budget bet at £2 per ticket.

Most other Tote bets are for a £1 unit,also the Tote Jackpot,and other bets like the Placepot allow you to do perms for units as low as 10p - but not the Scoop 6.

So,you can have a straight line at £2 and hope for the best,with maybe the place payout the best you can hope for - however,there have been some monster payout for lucky punters who did just that - 1 £2 bet and massive rollover payout was theirs.

More realistic punters will undertand they may need to perm bets to have a chance to win Scoop 6,but as said it is not cheap - if you select just 2 per race you have 64 bets,and that's £128 for what is a speculative bet.

For this reason,when Jackpots grow to big proportions the syndicates move in,pool their resources and invest tens of thousands of pounds in permutations to take the winnings and share it out later.However they don't always take the spoils,and it is this syndicate action that pushes the jackpots to dizzy levels which we all find tempting.

So,to sum up the Scoop 6 consists of 3 bets..............

WIN POOL for those who pick the 6 winners on the day of Scoop 6.

PLACE POOL for those who pick horses that are placed in all 6 races.

BONUS FUND for punters who win the Scoop 6 Win Pool,and get free bet on bonus fund race the following week.

Important - Watch out for Non Runners!

With all tote bets like Scoop 6,Placepots,Daily Jackpots never have non runners in those bets.

So,what happens if you have a non runner ? - You go onto the favourite for that race.

But,what if there are 2 or more joint favourites ? - you go onto the favourite with the highest race card number,by that I mean horse number 2,will now be your horse if the other joint favourite was number 6.No matter how many joint favourites there are,the one with lowest number carries your hopes.

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