You Just Cannot Win,Over Tme,Playing Slot Machines.


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Slot Machines Cause Great Misery to Many Online and Casino Gamblers - Why do They Play ?  - You are Going to Lose - All the Time.

As a lifetime gambler,one thing has always baffled me - why do people play slot machines ?.

Before the article starts,you may notice casino ads on this page.I try to justify this by knowing that the vast majority of slots players do so in moderation.They treat it as an entertainment either online,pub,or casino slots,just to wile away time.

However, some slots players somehow move into the zone - they go into a trance like state - mesmerized and totally absorbed - they seem to turn into another person, not wanting to talk,and want to continue playing without being interrupted,no matter how much they have already lost.

Most forms of betting give you some sort of chance of winning over time,but slots is not one of them - they are designed by smarter people than you or me,and the software is programmed to pay out less than it takes in,sometimes a little,and sometimes a lot.

No matter how clever you are,or what tactics you use,you are going to lose playing slots.

Ok,you might win one of those mega jackpots,and you will indeed show a profit,but how many scoop that big payout ? - a tiny,tiny proportion of players.

A couple of times i remember slots players just losing control and losing big.

Some time back a friend of mine was a victim of slots.

He would come into the pub amiable and urged on by myself and other customers - don't play the slot machine.

He promised he would not play,but as the night wore on, his resolve weakened.

Despite our urgings he went ahead,saying he was just going to spend a small amount.

Of course,later we would watch his agitation mounting as he lost more and more.

His whole demeanor changed.He was now in some sort of trance,and rebuffed our offers to make him stop playing,often threatening violence if we did not leave him alone.

Eventually he would stop playing - all his money had gone.

We all then knew what was going to happen next,he would ask his friends for money.Sometimes actually crying,and asking how he was going to  tell his partner that all their household budget was gone.

A pitiful and upsetting sight to see this clever man (he had good job)reduced to this, completely mesmerised and controlled by a slot machine.


Another time i was in the betting shop, sitting there passing the time.

I noticed a punter playing the roulette pokie (just a slot machine under another format).He was pumping 20 pound notes into this machine virtually every few minutes.

Then the money must have run out, as he left just as i was leaving.

I was walking,he was running - fast.

When I was outside,  i saw him go to the nearest ATM and withdraw a wad of notes.

He ran,as fast as he could,right back into the bookies,to no doubt play that blasted machine some more.

Grown men,or women,should not be reduced to this.

Guaranteed profits are also built into all online games.

I was a victim too - online blackjack.

I was a good player,and was restricted by my local casino to not exceed an agreed amount when visiting.Win more and i would be shown the door.

 Virtually every time i would finish level,lose a very small amount, or,usually,win that profit i was allowed to win.

Tried online black jack - I never won.

Had about 7 or 8 sessions (more fool me ) and the dealers cards were unbelievable - way above what you would expect in a real casino.

That was quite a few years ago,and never played again.

i can control myself,like most players,but for an unfortunate few,they somehow become controlled and hypnotized by the slot machines and other games.

Should we ban online slots ?.

I don't know,but something,surely has to be done to protect gullible slots players.

Nobody should have their lives ruined by these addictive slot machines that first attracts vulnerable players,somehow hypnotizes them,controls them, and then cynically exploits them.

By Pendil at
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