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As our other articles explain,those novelty football bets like first scorer,correct score,corners betting etc.are to be avoided,as they are very profitable to the bookmakers (that's why they push them),so avoid those bets,and serious football punters should concentrate on the match result - home away or draw.

Most of us have a definite opinion on who will win the game,and often the draw is not considered.

It seems a bit wimpish to say to yourself,I don't know who will win,and maybe the draw is best bet.

 The bookmakers know this is how the average punter thinks,and therefore trim the odds for either team to win,and offer generous odds for the draw,in the full knowledge that most punters will not take those drawn game odds.

Remember more than a quarter of games end in a draw in England (and nearer 30% in some leagues around the world).

Take away the lop sided games,where a top home side is almost sure to win against poor opposition,and that draw percentage goes even higher when you discard those easy to win games.

Even without discarding those sort of games,anyone who bets the draw for EVERY match will almost break even,and you should show a profit - just by tweaking which games you bet on.

It may not appeal to the fun punter who does not want to watch a boring drawn game of football.However if you want to win with your betting strategy,then the draw bet is irresistible to shrewd bettors.

Actually,when you watch a game and your selection goes,lets say, 2 goals down,your bet is virtually sunk,as you need 3 goals to collect,but the draw backer is still in with a good chance at 2 goals comeback - so your interest in the game is maintained to the end.


So,which games are the best when backing the draw ?.

Obviously low scoring games have a higher chance of ending in a draw than high goals games.Therefore look for 2 dour,defensive sides that rarely attack with abandon - you can quickly spot these sides with the stats that are now available to football fans - or just let the bookies do the research for you and look for games where they offer low odds for 2.7 goals ( the average) for that particular game.

As mentioned above you will discard games like Manchester City at home versus a relegation threatened side - which in turn will boost the overall odds for the draw in games that you do bet in.

Often draws occur when struggling sides play at HOME - they will pack their defence,and view a draw as a good result,even when playing before their own fans.

End of season games also seem to end in draws if both sides have nothing to play for (regards high position or relegation battle),and both sides meander through the game and don't exert themselves,or risk injury,often resulting in a boring 0-0 draw.

Seems obvious,but is a quick indication of tight games - if the bookmakers have roughly same odds for home and away side,a draw is on the cards,but this will of course be reflected in the lower odds on offer.

Also bear in mind,just because a team has a high number of recent draws,this does not mean that that trend will continue - each game is different and should be assessed afresh.

So,if you are a punter who wants to win and not be just entertained with those novelty bets,the draw is a serious option.

How many bets show an almost level return on your stakes by just backing that option ? - not many.

By using some common sense in which games you bet the draw,a profit should be easily within your grasp if you restrict your football bets to the draw on suitable games only.


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