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Lots of Betting Opportunities on Those NFL TV Games - Betting Strategy and Tips for Newcomers to NFL Betting.


NFL football has been on English television for quite some time now,but to be honest,in the past,never found it very entertaining,particularly as it seemed to go on for so long,and apparently the ball is in play for roughly just 8 minutes.

However,friends and fellow punters seem to enjoy the games,and there are loads of betting opportunities available on NFL games.

So,I watch those games now,particularly as some games are broadcast free to view,and had a couple of bets,and I am actually showing a profit - so I am beginning to like NFL a lot more than I did.

This article is mainly for newcomers to NFL betting,like myself,,but may also have some strategies for more experienced punters of NFL games.

First you need to know the markets you can bet on during NFL games.

There are 3 main,simple betting choices -

Money Line - this is is just betting odds on who will win the game (draw not included).

Handicap - This is similar to adjustments used in English Rugby league games,where a superior team is given a handicap to make the game more even regards betting options.

Totals - This is betting on the number of points that BOTH teams score.Spread bettors will be familiar with this format - the term used for NFL games is "over/under" ,and you just bet over if you think the combined score will be higher than bookmaker offers,or under if you think it will be less than total quoted.

These are the 3 main betting options,and novices should maybe stick to these bets,but there are many more betting options when you start to understand the nuances of the game.

The more sophisticated betting opportunities include bets for each quarter or half,adjusted handicap markets,season long bets - there are hundreds of betting choices for NFL games for you to consider.

So,what is the best strategy and advice for betting on NFL games to show a profit ?.


One thing you won't find lacking is stats about NFL teams and players - there is so much out there that it can be overwhelming,but pick a niche to bet on and really understand that market,and spot when the bookies make a mistake.

One simple pointer when evaluating a game is Yardage.

This is always available on a match,and Yardage just tells you how much a team,on average,advances or retreats.If a team has a much higher Yardage advance than their opponents,then they should dominate the game.

Home - Field advantage - this is the advantage a side has when playing at home - 3 points is the figure that has held steady for decades.This is of course built into the Handicap odds.

Surprisingly to newcomers like myself,no side is ever relegated from the NFL league,so complacency must surely come into your considerations towards the end of the season when some NFL teams have nothing to play for,and that 3 point home advantage may not apply.

Late Winners - NFL games tend to be very tight until teams make a big push in the last few minutes of a game.

For this reason many games end with a 3 point victory (field goal),or 7 point win (touchdown and conversion).

More than 30% of NFL games are decided by those 3 and 7 point victories - handicap,and spread bettors take note !.

Set aside a bankroll - this strategy should be used for all your different sectors of sports betting.Only by doing this will you clearly see your profit or loss for each sport you bet on.You decide the size of your betting bankroll,but suggest you bet 4 or 5 % of the total,which will smooth out your losing runs.

 By the way don't increase the amount you bet - just stick to that percentage figure of bankroll - if you are winning your bets will automatically increase in size,and get lower if you are losing - so many punters do just the opposite,which is a recipe for disaster.

You don't have to bet ! - sometimes you will analyse a game and just not see anything you are comfortable betting,as the odds offer nothing attractive to you.Nobody likes losing,but if you bet just for the sake of it,it hurts more - only bet when you think the odds warrant a bet.

Spread Betting Value - spread betting firms know that most punters like to bet high (or over as used in NFL matches)as the winnings are not capped,unlike low (under) bets are.So,many shrewd punters bet low safe in the knowledge that the spread has been tweaked upwards to penalise those high backers.

Get bets on early - odds compilers are basically guessing,just like you and me.For this reason early odds and spreads are tentative,and are put out to see what punters are backing.As the match gets closer,the odds tighten and get more realistic,so get bets on early to take advantage of any bookmakers errors that will disappear as kick off approaches.

Avoid those Parlay bets - a Parley (known as an accumulator in England ) bet involves betting on 2 or more outcomes within a single game.

Multiple bets whether yankees,Lucky 15s etc.,and Parlay bets should always be swerved - always bet in singles,and increase,or decrease your stakes in reaction to how you are bankroll percentage dictates.


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