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What Happens When You Have Non Runners in Bets.Doubles,Trebles,Lucky 15's,Tote Bets etc.


Non runners in bets causes confusion for many punters - whether in horseracing bets,tote bets,or any sports bets.

This article will explain clearly what the consequences for your bets is when a non runner or non runners are part of your original wager.

We will start from the easiest and move through all the bets that could be affected,and also how non runners,even though you did not back them,can mean deductions to your winnings by the Rule 4 deductions.

Non runner in a win double

Seems simple,but does cause some confusion with punters - you just get a win single on the other horse that does run - at the original stake.

Will always use 2/1 to make things simple.

1 double on a Non runner and 2/1 winner gets you 3 return.

Seems obvious,but when i was managing a betting shop some years back,many punters seem to think you get 2 going on to the surviving runner,that is 2 for a 1 bet !

After you point out that we would all be backing non runners if that was the case,it sinks in.


Non Runner in Win Treble.

Exactly the same - you get a win double on the 2 horses that do run - to the original bet stake.

And of course same applies to all accumulators.

Non Runner in Multiple Bets

Gets a little more complicated now,but quite simple.

The best way to look at non runners in multiple bets is to consider a non runner as a winner at no price.

By that I mean although you have a non runner in your bets - all bets stand.

So,if you have 3 doubles and a treble with a non runner,you still have 4 bets.

The doubles become singles when non runner is counted,and of course you still have win double on surviving runners.

That treble now becomes a win double,just as applied in non runner in treble explanation above.

Also,remember,if you have one non runner and no winners in your multiple bets,there are no winnings for you to collect ! - as stated all bets stand and you need at least one winner to go with that non runner.

The exception is bets like Lucky 15's,31's etc.where that bet includes singles - you now get that one bet back for the single which did not run.

So,no matter how many bets you had in your wager - Yankee,Super Yankee,Just trebles, just 4 timers - all bets stand - the non runner is a winner at no price.

Non Runners in Perms

Again consider the non runner as a winner at no price - and all bets stand.

For simplicity,2 selections in 3 races = 2times 2 times 2 = 8 bets.

You still have 8 bets,and if you have 2 winners in other races and one non runner and a loser in the other you have a winning treble,which is in reality a double on 2 winners going on to the non runner at no price.

Non Runners in Your Tote Bets
   IMPORTANT - The Tote Do Things Differently !

Further down i will explain what happens to non runners in Jackpot Bets like Placepot,Scoop 6,Super 7 etc. - but first non runners in other Tote Bets.

Non Runners in Tote Exacta Forecasts

The Tote refund any part of Exacta Forecasts that contains non runners.

So,Maybe you permed 3 horses in 6 Exacta Forecasts and one is a non runner.

The combination for 3 horses in reversed Exactas is 6 bets.

You now only have 2 runners left,so you are on for reversed forecast those 2,which means you have 2 valid bets and 4 void bets which are returned to you - this is what you get back when having one non runner in 3 when backing Exactas.

If you had 4 selections,12 Exacta bets and one non runner,then you have 3 selections running which you know is 6 bets,therefore you get 6 bets back for one non runner.

Non Runners in Tote Trifecta Bets

Its worth pointing out here the huge number of bets affected with bets like Trifecta when you have a non runner.

Say you have 4 selections in Trifecta full reversed cover - 24 bets.

One non runner and that makes the bet of just 3 selections - 6 bets and 18 void bets !

So always make sure you check for non runners - or bet online when refunds are automatically made into your bookmakers account.

Same principle applies to other Tote bets like Swinger bets,Singles,Place only etc. - you get back all,or a proportion of your stakes back when you back a non runner.

Tote Bets - These Bets Do Not Refund Money For Non Runners

Jackpot Bets,like Scoop 6,Placepots,Quadpots,Daily Jackpots cannot refund for non runners as this will cause problems as you are pooling bets with other punters who are chasing the winning dividend.

Also,most punters agree that this is the best procedure.

What Happens When Backing Non Runners in Jackpot Bets,Scoop 6,Placepots,Quadpots

You go onto the favourite.

What if there are joint or even co favourites ?

You are on the favourite which has the lowest racecard number.

What if you have already included the favourite ?

You are on the favourite again ! - in effect doubling the bet on that selection.


Rule 4 Deductions for non runners

This is when another horse you did not back has been withdrawn late,without time for the bookmakers to form a new betting market.

Punters hate these deductions,but it is only fair,as now that horse is not running,your own selection has a better chance of winning - hence Rule 4 Deductions from your winnings.

Ante Post Bets and Non Runners

The Ante Post form of betting is somewhat going out of fashion as the betting market gets more competitive.

The theory is you get better odds by betting a week or more in advance on a sporting event,but if the horse is withdrawn through injury,or any other reason - you lose your money.

If you do like to bet early on Classics and other big races make sure you are on at "non runner,no bet" odds - that means if the horse does not run you get your cash back.

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