Get Treble Odds on First Football Goalscorer.

Double Odds and Treble Odds First Goalscorer.


British Racecourses



You can get double or even treble odds on your first goalscorer bets - selected matches.


Novelty bets on football are not my favourite bets - you are always better of taking match odds.

However, the outcome of many games are pretty obvious,and the odds on offer reflect that.

So,on some occasions these novelty bets like first scorer,corners,bookings etc.,offer the punter some other options to be considered.

First scorer odds are usually pretty poor value,but this extra bonus on offer from Betfred can make it more attractive,and tilt it into a bet that offers value.

So,what do you get ?.

Firstly,of course,your selection has to be the first goalscorer in your selected football game.

This is when the bonus kicks in.

You have got your winning bet for first goalscorer.

Now,secure in that knowledge,your are still cheering your player on,because if he goes on to score another goal,your winnings are doubled.

That's not all - if he goes on to score a hat trick,your payout is trebled.

Like all novelty bets on soccer - 90 minutes only (plus referees added time),and extra time does not count.


Some other things to bear in mind.

Your bonus winnings are added to your balance in cash.

Betfred only accept singles on this bet.

If a player scores an own goal,this is not deemed first scorer.

New customers should not take this bet as free bets will not qualify for bonus payout.

See Betfred rules for full details.

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