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Next SCOOP 6 Horse Races - Saturday,December 16th,2017.

Junior Jumpers Handicap Chase Cl2 (4yo+) 2mf RUK.

1:40 DONCASTER bet365 Handicap Hurdle Cl2 (3yo+) 2mf ATR.

1:55 CHELTENHAM Caspian Caviar Gold Cup Handicap Chase (Grade 3) Cl1 (4yo+) 2m5f ITV4.

3:15 HEREFORD Central Roofing South Wales Ltd Handicap Hurdle Cl4 (3yo+ 0-110) 2m ATR.

3:20 DONCASTER bet365 Handicap Chase Cl2 (4yo+ 0-150) 3m ITV4.

3:40 CHELTENHAM OLBG mares' Handicap Hurdle Cl2 (4yo+) 2m4f ITV4.

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Scoop 6 Information and Rules.


Scoop 6 Dividends Saturday December 9th,2017.

No winners this week - 37,286.00p Rollover .

Place dividend - 
35.90p - 438 winners.

Bonus Fund - 11,236.00p  Rollover.

Scoop 6 Explained.


This is a bet on UK horseracing held every saturday (and sometimes mid week at big meetings ) that adds some spice to that afternoons television coverage.

To win the full dividend you have to pick the 6 winners of the designated races.

The bet is rather expensive at 2 per ticket,so permutations,unless you are in a syndicate with extra funds,very costly.Unlike Placepots and Jackpots smaller units than 2 are not accepted.

It is a pool bet,so obviously if there are other winners then the pot is shared amongst those other players.

There is a consolation prize which pays a dividend to all entrants that manage to get all their selections placed in every race(same terms and rules as placepots).

This consolation payout itself can often be quite high,and well worth winning.

Bear in mind that if you are in with chance of place dividend or full Scoop 6 win - NON RUNNERS ARE PLACED ONTO THE FAVOURITE IN THAT RACE.

If you already have the favourite in your Scoop 6 perm selections,and the favourite is placed you win again.In other words you double your winnings.Maybe you have more than 1 non runner in that Scoop 6 race then you treble your winnings and so on for each non runner.

If there are joint,or co favourites,then your money goes onto the favourite with LOWEST RACECARD NUMBER - the highest horse as it appears on the race card.


But how do you get at that Bonus Fund ?


Just win the Scoop 6 and you qualify the following week to pick the winner of a selected bonus race - usually the hardest race of the day.

If there is only one Scoop 6 winner they get just one shot at the bonus.If there are 20 winners then they each get a go at selecting the bonus race winner.

For several weeks nobody may win bonus fund so jackpot grows until somebody does.

So,win the Scoop 6,then pick that big race winner,and a huge jackpot is yours.

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