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The Placepot bet grows and grows in popularity - probably because you don't need to pick any winners to get a huge payout ! - as the name implies - your selections only need to get placed to qualify (the only exception is if 4 or less runners take part in a race,in that case,that horse must win).

Usually,by betting on the Placepot,you get a good run for your money,and you can bet in just 5p units at High Street bookies,but usually 10 units online(£2 minimum total stake online).

If you do get knocked out in race 1 or 2 - you can try again,same meeting,with the Quadpot - details of that bet Tote Quadpot -
 Explanation .


I do not normally like tote bets,but in high turnover events they come into their own - in the uk,and other racing countries,that means PLACEPOTS AND JACKPOTS are well worth considering.

Jackpots are just too hard to win.Also,many times a combination bet with a high street bookmaker,should all six win,can far exceed the tote dividend for jackpot win.

That leaves the Placepot - just pick 6 horses that are placed in six races - sounds easy doesn't it ?-well sometimes it is,but the dividends will reflect that,but sometimes it is not so easy,and thats when the dividends can go into orbit,and pay really well.

Firstly,always expect the unexpected with these bets.The number of times i have been bitterly disappointed with the dividend is great.

However on a couple of memorable occasions i have been highly delighted as the dividend far exceeded expectations for no particular reason.

One of those occasions was quite recently when a £1,000 dividend was hoped for and the actual payout was £11,000 +,which still mystifies me why it was so high.



The first advice when tackling the Placepot is to perm selections for quite small stakes.

You are obviously more likely to win with multiple choices than one straight line,and remember,if say,you have 3 placed in 2 races,and 2 placed in another 2 races,you get a dividend 36 times your original line unit (3  x  3  x 2  x  2 = 36) .

The number of times i have had conversations with punters who do a straight £10 placepot who somehow fail to grasp that a £16 placepot with say,20 p units,can exceed that £10 placepot payout that they are seeking - and with little chance of success.

Its better to get regular returns and stay in the game as those freak dividends occur rarely and you want to be playing when they do strike.

Most Placepot punters always think that huge fields mean big payouts.Not necessarily so,as for example 4 places are paid on big handicaps,and big fields often mean good racing and good horses,and that means more reliable results which is the death knell for Placepots - poor racing and small fields always attract my bets.

Placepot Perms.

To find the number of bets for your Placepot Perm just multiply out the numbers you select in each race.


If you select 2 in a race it is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64 bets.

If you do it for 10p (the minimum online ) the cost is £6.40p (or just £3.20 in High Steet at 5p per line).

Maybe you fancy a banker in 1 race then it is 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 32 bets.

Again if you do it for 10p the cost is £3.20p,or for 20p units £6.40p

You can do whatever you like,for any unit stake - just multiply out - for example.

1(banker) x 2 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 3 = 72 bets.

Just because I have put banker in race 1 in above example - you don't need to have banker in that race - put banker anywhere you want,just so long as you bet same number of bets in any other race - and this applies to any perms. 

Again you can select your stake,so for above bet it is £7.20p for 10p,or if you want,select the full £1 unit which will cost you £72.


Remember,when doing a perm you can win the placepot for much more than your unit stake.

This time you just multiply out your horses that have been placed in each race and apply your stake unit to find your final dividend.

Example - placed horses 1 x 1 x 2 x 3 x 1 x 2 = 12 winning bets.

If you have unit stake of 10p you have 12 winning bets @ 10p = £1.20

The Placepot is declared for £1 units so you win Placepot(£1) plus one fifth extra(.20p)

If you are betting in £1 units you win the Placepot dividend 12 times.


This is the most important thing to look for when placing a Placepot - these are the races that can really boost the final payout.

Punters will very often banker a horse in these races as they think it is a small field and it will be easy for the favourite to be first or second.

Get a couple of short priced horses out the frame in these races and the placepot can really rocket on this one result - no matter what happens in the other 5 races.

These small runner fields often get run at a false pace and develop into a 2 furlong sprint which may explain the shocks that seem to happen regularly in these events.

But which races will produce the shocks ? - maybe there are 4 races with small fields.

Well,remember you are using a perm and you may have 2 or even 3 selections in this race(and all other small field races),so you have the favourites covered as well as one or two outsiders as well.

If the favourite is placed,you are still in it,and maybe the shock will come in next small field event where you are equally represented.

If there are no real turn ups,well,you are still covered and will have to settle for a small Placepot dividend this time.


This is commonsense really.Some racing in the UK now is dire,absolutely rock bottom entertainment.

The prize money is so low its amazing anybody actually turns up to race for the prizemoney as after expenses the profits must be miniscule.

Not only does this low prize money encourage skullduggery,which was virtually unknown in UK racing until recently,but also attracts horses that should never have a racing career at all as they either have a bad temperament or no speed.

So,skullduggery and poor horses = unreliable results,and unreliable results = bigger Placepots.

Another thing that low prize money creates is lethargy.Would you try extra hard to finish 3rd on a horse at these meetings if you were a jockey ?

These low grade meetings in my opinion are just no place to be betting or trying to understand form,but actually good venues for placepots.


Apprentices are good to include in your Placepots selections as they are trying to make a name for themselves.They will try extra hard to make a show and will battle for you to get second or third whereas an experienced jockey may not.

Some top jockeys(by no means all though !)seem to consider it beneath themselves to race for second or third place,and once their chances of winning are gone they strive no longer.

However there are some top jockeys who do ride out to the finish,and you need them on your side - the selection of jockey is crucial when doing placepots.

Take a look at the jockey stats in the Racing Post and look for those place finishings and how markedly they vary from jockey to jockey.

Get your bets on late !

The enemy of the successful Placepot punter is non runners.

This will throw you,and thousands of other punters,onto the favourite - just what you must avoid as dividends will be strictly reduced if all those non runners are winners regards Placepots.

So wait as late as you can.Particularly when there is an extreme change in going conditions.

This can mean dozens of non runners,and all those selections already placed will avalanche onto the favourites.

This is your chance to make sure all of your selections are taking part and you just hope the shocks occur in at least one race(thats all it needs!)that you have well covered with real runners

Remember most punters are like sheep,and will mainly come to the same conclusions.

At least with a perm on the Placepots you can relax your thought processes,take chances and include some no hopers with your fancied selections.

There is no profit in small Placepot dividends,and you are after the freak dividend,so those no hopers you include in persm are actually more important than cast iron bankers to the Placepot punter.

Place your bets online.

Quite a few times I have been surprised to see a larger amount in my online balance than expected.

I am careful,but have missed winning Placepots - once for almost £600 - either because of wrong results printed,non runners,stewards enquiries that change results,and just plain carelessness.

How many winning tickets have I thrown away in the past when betting in high street shops ? - plenty for sure.

Bet online and the winnings automatically go into your account.

 Often you will want your Placepot selection to lose !.

Sounds strange,but many times I desperately want my own selection to fail to get a place in the Placepot.

This is the beauty of perms - you include the fancied horses,but it is those outsiders in your perms that will win you big money.

A recent example of mine,when i wanted one of my selections to lose,was a last leg Placepot hurdle race.

I have 2 selections running - a 1/4 red hot favourite,and an unfancied 16/1 shot - 6 runners.

The payout is to me is running at about £80 if favourite is placed,but much more if unplaced - but my outsider must be placed.

Favourite gets bought down at last,and my selection staggers over the line to finish second.

So, my winning units are halved,but my payout rockets - about 15 times more than if favourite,which I had backed,was in the frame.

How Placepot works and payout rules.

The Placepot is a bet where punters bet on the FIRST 6 RACES of a horse meeting.

It does not matter whether they win or not they must qualify for PLACE dividend.

To qualify for place the horse MUST WIN all races of 4 or less runners.

To qualify for place the horse MUST FINISH 1ST OR 2ND in all races of 5 - 7 runners.

To qualify for place the horse MUST FINISH IN 1ST 3 of any non handicap race of 8 runners or more.

If the race is a HANDICAP RACE then the horse qualifies for place when finishing 4th if there are 16 or more runners.


If you already have the favourite in your perm selections,you still go onto favourite again.

In effect doubling your winning lines,or even trebling your winning lines if you have 2 non runners,and so on.

If there are JOINT FAVOURITES your non runner will go onto the joint favourite that has the HIGHEST RACECARD NUMBER.

If you backed favourite as an original selection - same rules apply - lowest number on racecard is your selection.

Perms are just multiplied to find your dividend.Example,if you have 2 placed in 2 races and 3 placed in another then your payout will be 2 times 2 times 3 = 12 winning lines at your selected unit.

The dividend is for £1,but perms can be made for much smaller units.

Search enquiries that arrive at this page show that many Placepots punters are confused about Rule 4 Deductions and if these deductions apply to Placepots.

NO - all Placepots bets and perms are placed onto favourite if your horse is a non runner or withdrawn late.

If the favourite is the one withdrawn you are then placed onto second favourite which is in effect now the favourite for placepot punters.

Other search enquiries - what happens if only one horse finishes?

If only one horse finished the race - no matter how many runners started - you have to be on that horse - all other selections that did not finish are losers for Placepot punters.

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