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Work Out Your Decimal Single Bets - Decimal Single Bets Simply Explained.


Decimal odds are now becoming the norm as more internet sites use those prices - and this page will explain how to understand and work out your single decimal bets.

However many newspapers and results services still persist with fractional bets - if you want to know how to work out fraction bets visit
Work Out SP or Fraction Bet Singles page.

As someone who has been betting for decades,the old fractional odds are second nature to me,but think that the decimal prices are far better for the punter,and much easier to understand.

 For example,even regular and experienced bettors may not be able to know their returns for say,8/13 odds (£1.62),but they fully understand that a bet at 1.62 will win them just that £1.62 ! - of course that is for £1 or $1 or any currency.

Also,the next fractional price from 8/13 is 4/7,but if decimal odds are laid,there are many prices between those fractional odds that can be laid - 8/13 is 1.62 and 4/7 is 1.57 - so,4 more odds for decimal punters,which can tweak the odds more in their favour,or against of course - but anyway,more choice for the bettor and bookmaker.


So,how do you work out singles on those decimal odds ? - well you don't really have to do anything!.

Unlike fractional bets,your stake is included in the odds.

So,for example 1.85 will return you exactly that,£1.85 for a £1 bet.

Just manipulate that original decimal quote to get your winnings.

So,if you had £10 win,just move the decimal point one digit to the right so £1.85 becomes £18.50.

Maybe you had £5 on - you can just multiply the £1.85 by 5,or maybe more simply,move decimal point to make £18.50 (as you know this is what you get for £10) and halve it  = £9.25.

Maybe you bet in hundreds - same thing,but just move decimal point 2 places = £185.00

A £2 bet is just double the £1.85 = £3.70.

Procedure same every time,example,odd amount,say £2.88 on same 1.85 odds,simply 1.85 times 2.88 = £5.328 - you win £5.33 rounded down.

The 1.85 used above is just a random price used to show examples (by the way,any figure less than 2.00 is odds on ).

If you see 2.75,or anything beginning with 2 and less than 3 - you are getting odds of between evens and 2/1................if you see,for example,3.83,you are getting odds between 2/1 and 3/1......and so on.

Another thing about decimal odds is the simplicity -just remember the higher the number on offer - the better the odds you are getting.

Unlike fraction bets,where many punters will not know that,for example,4/7 is slightly better than 8/15,but looking at the decimal odds 1.57 (4/7) is better than 1.53 (8/15) - because the number is higher - simple as that!.


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