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How to Work Out Your Single Bets on a Calculator - Quick and Simple Way To Calculate Your Fractional Win Bets.


This article will explain to you how to quickly work out your single bets on a calculator.

We also have articles,should you want to know,explaining work out your single bets (and any other bets) manually.

However,calculators are now always at hand,and also available on your mobile phone and tablet this article just gives you quick instructions for single SP fraction bets (separate article for decimal betting singles).

Work Out Your WIN SP or fraction bets.

Lets just take some randon sp prices and explain that way,which will then apply to all sp or fraction bets.

First example 7/4 winner.

All you need to do is enter 7 on your calculator then add the right hand number - in this case 4.

Then divide that number,again using the right hand figure,4.

so................7 + 4
÷ 4 = 2.75.

And thats it !.

Of course,this is to one unit - i.e. £1.

If your bet is for £5 (or any currency) just multiply by 5.

So,£5 at 7/4 is ....................7 + 4 
÷  4 × 5 = £13.75.

Lets have a difficult amount - £2.88 on 7/4 - still simple !.

Just do...................7 + 4 
÷ 4 × 2.88 = £7.92.

Same procedure every time,will get you odds for 7/4 - just multiply at the end with the stake you made.


Another example 13/8.

Seems awkward price - but just as simple !.

So,for 13/8,just enter ....................13 + 8 ÷ 8 = £2.62 (it is actually £2.625,but will always go to nearest penny unit).

Again,just enter your stake unit at the multiply by 5 for £5,..............2.5 for £2.50 etc.

Another example 8/13.

This time an odds on shot - not many punters,even with years of betting will know how much they have won,but this will work out any single bet easily.

Exactly the same procedure ...................8 + 13 ÷ 13 = £1.62.

Again just multiply your stake at the end.

Even Quicker Route !.

After you have done this many times you will realise you don't need to enter the 2 first units of equation into your calculator as it is simple arithmatic to get there .

So,7/4 shortens to 11 (which is just the 7 + 4 in equation)÷ by 4.

So above examples will be shortened ....... 7/4 = 11 ÷ 4.....................13/8 = 21 ÷ 8 ...............8/13 = 21 ÷ 13.

Again,all the above are for £1,just multiply by amount you got.

We have many articles on how to work out your bets just visit HOME > ARTICLES for more information.


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