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How to Work Out Your New Place Odds When Betting Each Way Singles - Each Way Bets Explained.


This article just concerns placed horses in singles that you may have backed each way.
We already have an article to work out your win singles - see page Work Out Single Bets - this article just concerns the place element of your bet.

To save repetition I will also here not go into which races qualify for a quarter or a fifth odds - we,again have many articles that give you that info in other articles at HOME > articles.

So,if you do bet in each way singles and the horse loses,you still get your place odds - but what are those place odds?.

Below will explain to to work out those new odds and your winnings quickly and easily by calculator - manual methods are also explained elsewhere on this site.
As usual,it is always best to just select some examples at random and show how you get the answers.

You backed horse at 11/2 each way - 1/4 odds.

Again,i will not bother with win part of your bets - just the each way,or placed part.

Firstly you need to create the place price from your win odds.

Just multiply the right hand figure by 4 (if it was 1/5 th odds you would multiply by 5).

So,the place price now becomes 11/8 (the 2 was multiplied by 4) - this is your place odds.

Same procedure for all prices....

   16/1 at 1/5th odds.

New place price is 16/5 (1 multiplied by 5).

By the way,this method can be applied to all each way bets on sport,not just horse racing.

You often get 1/3 or even 1/2 for some sports bets - so,just multiply the bottom number by 5 (fifth odds) , 4 (quarter odds ) , 3 (third odds).....and so on.

More difficult odds - placed horse at 13/8 - 1/4 odds.

New place price is 13/32 (8 multiplied by 4).

Odds on - just as simple - Placed at 4/9 at 1/5th Odds.

New place price 4/45 (9 multiplied by 5,would be multiplied by 4 if quarter odds).

Those new odds look horrendous to calculate - but not if you have read Work Out Single Bets page - the procedures for all odds are the same - it's simple and very quick !.


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