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Epsom Racecourse is located at Epsom,Surrey,southern England.

Like the majority of English racetracks Epsom is left handed.

One and half mile course,and it cannot be a coincidence,the track is almost a perfect horseshoe shape.


Extremely sharp bends,and with the roller coaster nature of the track,surely the supreme test of a horses agility and bravery.

Just one race at Epsom avoids the tight bend at Tattenham Corner - the 5 furlong races,which is the only race here on straight course.

Due to downhill start of 5 furlong races,many consider the Epsom 5 furlong course the fastest in the world.

Epsom is ideal for front runners,and also course specialists.

Draw bias - no bias on 5 furlong straight races,but 6 and 7 furlong races favour a low draw (must get to bend first) on good ground,but not so important if going turns soft.

Early in the 17th century the Epsom spring water was discovered,and taken by many to cure their ailments - and still available as Epsom Salts.

Racing fixtures have been held in Epsom area since the 1640's.

The first recorded race meeting was held at Epsom in 1661,and King Charles 11 was in attendance.

Epsom host 2 English Classics - the world famous Derby and also The Oaks.

Epsom,despite being the most famous course in the world,host just 13 days racing a year

The Derby owes its name to Lord Derby,and the Oaks is so called as it was the name of Lord Derbys House.

It was all decided on the flip of a coin,and had Lord Derby lost,the Derby would now be known as The Bunbury!.

Sir Charles Bunbury may have lost the toss for name of race,but he won the first Derby as owner with Diomed.

The Derby was first run in 1778,and the Oaks a year later in 1779.

The first time the photo finish was used to decide winner of any horse race in England was at Epsom in 1947.

Samuel Pepys was a racegoer here and is mentioned in his diary.


Mrs Beeton,the famous cookery writer lived locally,and her step father was Clerk of the Course in the 1840s.

Epsom was the fixture where Emily Davison,a suffragette,threw herself in front of the Kings horse,and died later from her injuries (1913).

One of the greatest horses of all time,Eclipse,who was unbeaten,was a regular here,and made his debut in 1769.

No racing at Epsom during the second world war as the track was taken over by the military.

The Derby at one time was such an important event,that even Parliament was suspended on Derby day so politicians,like everyone else could go,or watch the race on tv.

For centuries the Derby was always held on the first Wednesday in June,but recently that was changed to the first Saturday in June.

Epsom has many new grandstands and can accommodate huge crowds (up to 130,000) and also host top name entertainers in concert.

Shergar,who won The Derby by a record 10 lengths in 1981,was kidnapped by a gang from his Irish stables,never to be seen or heard of again (Lloyds of London,on the presumption that Shergar was dead,paid out a huge 7 million pound to the owners ).

More than 40 countries have adopted the Derby name into their own racing fixtures,but there is only one Derby,and that is at Epsom.

All budgets can enjoy a day at Epsom Racecourse,from free viewing areas to reserved exclusive seats,and fish and chips to fine dining.

Epsom Racecourse is on public land and many racegoers watch the racing,including the Derby,for free.

Epsom Downs not just location of track,but many trainers are based here,and it is the third largest training center in England.

Even on Derby day,disabled visitors are well looked after with assistance from officials,special viewing areas,lifts and toilets - and if you need a carer to travel with you they can apply for free admission.

Epsom can host and organise any conferences,exhibitions,weddings and banquets etc.from modest to large numbers on request.

Under 18 year olds can get in free at Epsom,but must be with an adult.

Rail travelers can get to Epsom via Epsom station and take a taxi or bus to nearby track,or get off at Tattenham Corner and walk just half a mile to racecourse.

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