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How to Work Out Your Patent Bet Winnings - Calculate Patent Bet Wins in Seconds on Your Mobile Phone Calculator.


To save repetition I will assume you know something about betting and betting odds - lots of articles to read if you need basic advice at HOME > articles.

The Patent Bet was one of the earliest "exotic"bets to appear in England when betting shops were legalised in 1961,and is still popular with horse racing and sports betting fans.

Earlier article explains the Patent Bet - this article just explains how to quickly work out your winnings on Patent bets very quickly.

Best way to demonstrate the procedure is to give examples of winning patent bets.

   Patent Bet - 3 winners 3/1 , 4/1, 6/1.

As regular Patent Bet punters will know,the Patent consists of 7 bets - 3 horses full cover (by full cover i mean that bet includes singles as well as all doubles and trebles).

As the Patent bet is full cover,it is much easier and quicker to calculate than ,say,the Yankee Bet that does not include singles (we have another article for that bet),when those singles have to be deducted from equation total.

Back to winning bet above.

Simply add 2 units to each price.

So,3/1 becomes 5.............4/1 becomes 6.....................and 6/1 becomes 8.

Then just multiply those new odds ........ 5 × 6 × 8 = 240.

You always have to deduct 1 unit when working out bets by calculator to take out unit stake.

So,just ........ 5 × 6 × 8 - 1 = 239 .

Thats it ! - takes about 5 seconds!.
The 239 stands for £239.00,or any other currency for that matter.

What if you bet in other units,less,or more than £1,or $1,?.

Just make that your last entry in calculation.

So,for example if you have bet to .25p just do this...

5 × 6 × 8 - 1 × .25 = 59.75 (£59.75) - thats what you get for .25p units.If you have .50p bets,just multiply by .50,if you have £1.25 units,just multiply by 1.25 and so on.

More complicated Example - Patent Bet 3 winners 7/4 , 8/11, 13/8.


Looks hard to calculate ,but just as simple.

Again just add 2 units to each winner and enter one by one on calculator.

So,7/4 becomes 15/4 (you added double bottom figure to add 2 units to odds),8/11 becomes 30/11,and 13/8 becomes 29/8.

So equation is .................15 ÷ 4  × 30 ÷ 11 × 29 ÷ 8 - 1 = 36.07 (£36,07).

Again,the returns are to £1 - just make last entry your stake unit if different to £1.

What if you have just 2 winners in Patent Bet.

Exactly the same procedure,but you just need to enter the 2 new odds for 2 winners,deduct the 1 unit and you have bet calculated for £1 - and this applies to all
full cover bets like Lucky 15,Lucky 31 etc. - exactly the same formula.

So,no matter how complicated the odds,the Patent can be settled on you mobile or tablet calculator in just a few seconds.

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