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The Tote Swinger bet is a fairly recent addition to the Tote's stable of bets you can make on U.K. racing.

It is becoming more popular,and is ideal bet for the fun punter who

 wants a number of bets on a race with a very good chance of at least winning one part of the bet and getting a return on their investment.

Tote Swinger rules...

The bet involves any 2 horse you may back - you can just do 2 selections,or a perm involving more than 2 selections - you get paid for predicting their finishing positions.

There are 3 dividends declared for this bet - 1st & 2nd - 1st and 3rd - 2nd & 3rd.

If you do more than 2 selections in a combination you can win all 3 dividends,and of course if you just have 2 selections you can only win one dividend.

Tote Swinger bets can be made on any U.K. race with 6 + runners.

The dividends are all published for the returns to a 1 unit.

Swinger perms or combinations...


If you back 2 horses - You have 1 Swinger bet.

If you back 3 horses - You have 3 Swinger bets.

If you back 4 horses - You have 6 Swinger bets.

If you back 5 horses - You have 10 Swinger bets.

If you want more selections - just calculate the number of doubles in the number of selections - that is the number of Swinger bets you must cover.

A Banker in Swinger bets.......

You can cut down the number of bets considerably by having a banker in your combinations.

I banker with 2 other selections = 2 Swinger bets.

I banker with 3 other selections = 3 Swinger bets.

I banker with 4 other selections = 4 Swinger bets.

and so on.

Remember,with Swinger combinations you can bet in units starting at just 10p,but your total Swinger bet must be for 2 + to be accepted.


Non Runners in Tote Swinger Bets....

Unlike Tote jackpot and Scoop 6 bets you do not get non runners replaced by the favourite in race - you get full bet refund when having just 2 selections if either of those is a non runner.

If you do perms or combinations,the horses that do run are still live and those bets stand,and you just get back the part of bet where the non runner bets are void.

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