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Bet on the Tote regularly ? - Join the Cashback Club ! - Get weekly cash rebate on your Placepot,Scoop 6,Jackpot and all other Tote bets.

When betting with the Tote you are in effect placing all the stakes into one pot

- pool betting - and the winnings are then shared out between those who predicted the correct result.

The Tote need to make money to offer their service,and they deduct their operating expenses(varies from bet to bet)before the winning dividend is announced.

Those operating expenses are quite high and vary,with up to 27% taken from the popular high turnover bets like placepots and jackpots.That take out is less for singles and places as the pools generated by punters for those bets is quite small.

The deductions are quite high,but console yourself that all profits are ploughed back into the racing industry - the Tote is a non proft making organization.

The dividends are always made to a 1 stake.

The only exception is the popular Scoop 6 bet that is declared to a 2 stake.

Bear in mind that all deductions for Tote operating costs,and also any Rule 4 adjustments have been made before the dividends are declared - you get the full amount declared by Tote.


This is just a single bet on a horse.

You can have a Tote Single bet just so long as there are 2 or more runners.

Non runners - stakes returned.

A word of caution when betting on Tote win singles - CLICK AND READ !!.


You can have a Tote place bet on any race with 5 or more runners.

You will get paid under these terms.

5 - 7 runners - your selection must finish in first 2.

8 or more runners - your selection must finish in first 3.

16 runners or more IF HANDICAP RACE - you also get paid if your selection finished 4th.

Non runners - stakes returned.

Something to bear in mind - if there are non runners and the race starts with less than 5 runners then your bet is still live - but it must now win the race for you to get paid.

A word of caution when betting on Tote place singles - CLICK AND READ !!.


This is a bet where you forecast the first 2 in a race - in the correct order.

You can of course reverse the bet making 2 separate straight forecasts.

Combinations are also accepted,for example pick 3 horses in any order is 6 bets.

Combination examples

3 selections - 6 bets.

4 selections - 12 bets

Calculate by multiplying each group of 2 by 2

Non runners are repaid to you - if you have single,the bet is void.

If you have combination,the portion void is repaid to you.

A word of caution when betting on Tote Exacta - CLICK AND READ !!.


This is a bet where you forecast the first 3 in a selected race(8 or more runners) - in the correct order.

Latest News Totepool - Trifecta can now be played in all races of 3 or more runners.

You can do a straight Trifecta or a combination.

Combination examples

3 selections - 6 bets.

4 selections - 24 bets.

Calculate by multiplying each group of 3 by 6.

Non runners are repaid to you - if you have single,the bet is void.

If you have combination,the portion void is repaid to you.

A word of caution when betting on Tote Trifecta - CLICK AND READ !!.


This is a forecast bet when there are 6 or more runners that pays whenever you have any 2 horses placed in first 3 places.

Punters get paid for

first and second

first and third

second and third.

You can do 1 bet of 2 selections,or combinations.

Combination examples

2 selections - 1 bet

3 selections - 3 bets

4 selections - 6 bets.

Calculate by each group of 2 = 1 bet.

A word of caution when betting on Tote Swinger - CLICK AND READ !!.


This is a bet where you predict horses that are placed in the first 6 races at any UK race meeting - it does not matter wether they win or not they just need to be placed.

When attempting the Placepot you will only get paid if,in every race,your horse is placed under these terms....

1 - 4 runners - your selection must WIN this race.

5 - 7 runners - your selection must finish in first 2.

8 or more runners - your selection must finish in first 3.

16 runners or more IF HANDICAP RACE - you also get paid if your selection finished 4th.

For this bet and other Jackpot bets,non runners are treated differently.

All non runners are subsitituted with the favourite for that race.

If there are joint favourites your selection is the favourite with the lowest race card number.

You can do 1 straight line or combinations.

For example if you do 2 selections in each race then it is 64 bets(that is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2).

You can do as many as you want for each race,and just multiply out the number of bets.

When landing this Tote bet just again multiply out your placed horses.

Say for example you bet in 10p units and you have these horses placed - 1 x 3 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 2 - you have 12 winning lines at 10p,so you win the Placepot to 1.20 that is the Dividend declared plus a fifth.

The dividend is declared for 1,but perms like above can be done for much less per line.


This is exactly the same as the Placepot,but is on the third,fourth,fifth and sixth races - a bit of a consolation bet if you get knocked out of Placepot in first two races.

Again you can do one straight line or a perm,and non runners are substituted with the favourite.

See Placepot above for place terms which are the same.

Dividends are of course smaller than the Placepot and are declared for 1.


This is a daily bet on the first 6 races of selected race meeting - they all must win.

Jackpots in this bet can be huge - they start slowly,but as the Jackpot becomes tempting,the syndicates and other punters pile in to swell the pot quickly.

Declared to a 1 unit but you can do perms for lesser stakes.

Again non runners are substituted with the favourite.

Important change to Tote Jackpot (Oct 2015) - due to more and more meetings,resulting in less runners per race the Tote have decided to host the Tote Jackpot over 2 or more meetings not one,and by selecting bigger fields the Jackpot should rollover into bigger jackpots more often - so,you now have to track down the races for the bet every day,and not the Jackpot meeting - a confusing move by the Tote,that will,in my opinion see a further drop in bets turnover and interest.


The Tote Super 7 Bet has been dropped by the Tote - from Autumn 2011.


The Scoop 6 is a saturday only bet,based on the main races shown on television by Channel 4.

The schedule varies every week,and the races involved are usually declared friday lunchtime for the following days Scoop 6.

Now a huge bet with great following,and a record 3 million bonus fund was recently won.

This bet pays you the Scoop 6 dividend(often with a carry over amount)for all 6 winners.

If you win the Scoop 6 you are invited back the following week to try to predict the winner of the bonus race - a separate bonus that you also win if finding that big race winner.

There is consolation dividend if all your horses are placed in the Scoop 6 races - see Tote Place rules above which apply to all tote bets.

Please note this bet cost 2 per line,and no smaller units are allowed,so perms are very expensive.

Non runners are substituted with the favourite.

A word of caution when betting on Tote Markets

Many punters would be very surprised at how little money is bet into the Tote on certain bets and certain race meetings.

Many meetings are very poorly supported these days(particularly the All Weather meetings)due the sheer number of race meetings in the UK racing schedule.

Most of these extra race meetings introduced over the last few years are not in response to racegoers demands.

They are purely for the bookmakers - race fodder to keep the wheel spinning and confuse the punter and at the same time dilute the risks for the layers.

Bets to be very careful when using the Tote for your wagers - SINGLES(win and place) - EXACTAS - TRICASTS - TOTE SWINGER.

Remember this is pool betting - your own bets lessen the payout.

Do not feel cheated or disappointed when you see sky high tote dividends for singles,exactas,swinger and trifectas - IF YOU HAD PLACED YOUR BET INTO THOSE TOTE POOLS THE PAYOUT PERHAPS MAY HAVE NOT BEEN AS MUCH AS THAT SP RETURN YOU WERE SO DISAPPOINTED WITH.

Many single,exactas,swinger and tricasts have a pool of just a couple of hundred pounds at low grade meetings.

This means a single of say just 50 will greatly lower the dividend.

It is even more critical with Exactas,Swingers and Tricasts - at poor meetings bets of just 4 or 5 will greatly reduce that payout.

Use your inititative,and if you are betting on the Tote at say,Royal Ascot,or a big saturday meeting the stakes you can make on the Tote without critically reducing your own payout are much higher.

The Tote comes into its own on jackpot bets and placepots where the revenues are very high and your own bets will not influence these payouts to any large degree.

By Pendil at SAFE BOOKMAKERS SITES.This article can be reproduced by anyone,so long as article is reproduced full and intact with all links unchanged.End of article.


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