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How to Work Out The Number of Double,Trebles and Accumulators for Your Bets.


This article will explain how to work out the number of doubles,trebles or accumulators in your bets - quickly and easily.

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How Many Doubles in Multiple Selections ?.

Every time,( for doubles) the bottom equation will be 2 ( 12).

Simple,just multiply backwards the number of selections by 2 (in doubles it is 2)and divide,again by 2.

Its easier to demonstrate.

Lets do doubles in 3 selections.

3    2 (You go back 2 as you are doing doubles) then divided by 2.

3 Races = 3    2 divided by 2 = 3 doubles.

Lets do doubles in 4 selections.

Exactly the same.

4    3 divided by 2 = 6 doubles


Lets do number of double in 10 selections.

This looks as though it will be hard - not so,just the same and just as quick.

This time 10    9 divided by 2 = 45 doubles.

You will quickly realise that there is no need to work out full equation - look at it and bring the top fraction down for easier calculation - in the above example of 10 selections you will automatically divide the 2 into the 10 to bring down to 5 and then multiply that figure with the 9 (you can't divide the 2 into the 9 so that has to remain in equation - in doubles just halve the EVEN number).

How Many Trebles in Multiple Selections ?.

This time the bottom equation will always be 6 (1 23).

Exactly the same as calculating doubles,but this time you have to go a further step to work out the number of trebles.

Lets do number of trebles in 4 selections.

Exactly same principle as doubles,but this time you need to go 3 places.

So,again go backwards from 4(there are 4 selections this time).

So it is 4    3    2 divided by 6 (six every time for trebles ).

So,24/6 - the number of trebles in 4 selections is 4

Lets do trebles in 8 selections.

Looks hard,but it is easy and quick - you will not need any tables or consulting websites to work out any bet once you have grasped this !

Trebles in 8 selections is 8    7    6 divided by 6. 

As you can see quickly,the bottom 6 can cancel out the top 6,leaving just 8 7 = 56.

56 trebles in 8 selections

Lets do trebles in 12 selections

Just to demonstrate how large numbers can easily be calculated quickly this way.

So,12    11    10 divided by 6.

Knock that 12 down to 2 by dividing the 6.

This makes simple equation 2    11    10 = 220 trebles in 12 selections.

How Many 4 timers in Multiple Selections ?.

Now,your constant bottom figure will be 24 (1234)


Same as before - just go 4 places now.

Lets do 4 timers in 6 selections

So,6    5    4    3 divided by 24 (1    2    3    4 ).

Cancel down - cancel top 6 4 with 24.

That leaves just 3    5 = 15 four timers in 6 selections.

4 Timers in 10 selections.

This time (sometimes happens ) you can't cancel a top 24 with bottom 24.

Just use the 1    2    3    4 as bottom equation (same thing )and cancel out where you can.

So,10    9    8    7 divided by 1    2    3    4

Makes 5    3    2    7 = 210 four timers in 10 selections.

To work out higher accumulators than 4 - just go 5 places for five timers,6 for 6 timers and so on.

Perm your doubles in multiple bets.

Its is a good tactic to perm selections - particularly for forecast doubles and trebles bets - or whenever the odds are high and the races hard where you feel you need more than one selection to have chance of collecting.

You know now how to work out the number of doubles in any number of selections.

What you need to do now is multiply the number of doubles with the number of outcomes for each double.

2 Selections,or reverse forecasts in a perm.

Remember if you do forecast doubles you can either reverse your selections,or maybe use better option of 2 separate straight forecasts - it is exactly the same number of bets.

So,if you have 2 selections in 2 races then there are 4 possible outcomes (2    2 = 4)

Just multiply the number of doubles by 4.

Maybe you have done 2 selections in 4 races.

You know the doubles in 4 selection is 6 - just multiple that by 4 = 24 bets

8 races is 28 doubles - multiply by 4 = 112 bets.

Perm your trebles in multiple bets.

Exactly the same as above,but now you must multiply the number of trebles by 8 as there are now 8 different possible outcomes (2    2    2 = 8)

You can perm 4 timers and above,but it gets a bit too expensive as you need to multiply 4 timers by 16.

Things to consider

Remember,you don't need to make selections in one race but you can put 2 selections together from different races - you now have 4 winning chances as opposed to just one winning chance if both selections for all doubles are from same race or sporting event.

Also there is no need to put 2 selections in every bet unit - just put one selection in one part and 2,or even 3 choices in another section - just multiply out each individual double and add through for total bet stake.

One drawback about betting online - i have yet to find any online bookmakers that can handle these perm bets - you will have to place them over the counter at local bookmakers.

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