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Online Blackjack - How to Win at Blackjack,A Staking Plan.


Let me first assume that you are an experienced blackjack player.

If you are,then you know when to bet,split and double down etc.

If you are new to blackjack,and want to learn the basics,this article is not for you.

There are however tables available for new players that will point you in the right direction.

They are all basically all the same,with just slight variations and preferences.I concur with most of the tables available,but perhaps split and double down much less than recommended.

 You can get these tables online from any search engine - just enter "blackjack strategy" for a great selection.

Those tables to guide the new player can at first seem very daunting.

I would not recommend you try to remember those tables.Just log onto any low stake game,and play.

Refer to the tables for guidance as you play.It is amazing how quickly you pick up the procedure,and pretty soon it all becomes automatic.

As the article started,i assume you are a good blackjack player,and generally finish level or win.

Blackjack is moderately entertaining when playing,but i can think of better ways to pass the time.

You have to play to win - and not take all day about it.!

If you adhere to this staking plan,and you are a solid player,you will win consistently.


There is a big "but"in this equation - MANY OF YOU WILL NOT STICK TO THIS STAKING PLAN.

I know that because i have great trouble myself,and i KNOW it works - and you are just taking my word for it.

Blackjack is a game where a good player and the dealer are evenly matched.

About evens over a long session.

Maybe a good player can just about tilt it over into their favour over time with level stakes,but its an almighty struggle,and maybe not really worth it if it takes a long time(you might as well get a proper job,and that is something to be avoided).



The only advantage you have over the dealer is the stakes you play for - use this to your advantage - it is the only one you have got !

The one thing that can sabotage any blackjack campaign is the long losing run.

Losing runs have to be eliminated,and winning runs enhanced.

With this staking plan you will always work in SHORT SESSIONS.

This is why it is only viable for online blackjack.



If you have less credit than the amount you deposited,you must NEVER increase your stakes.

Just play for level stakes,and either play through till this sessions credit has gone,or maybe till you are fed up and bored and log off.

The biggest danger when behind,is that it seems so easy to get straight and into profit with just one or two larger bets.

You reason that you are a good blackjack player and are statistically slightly better than evens to win overall.

Therefore as you are losing right now,it must swing into your favour very soon.

Please resist this reasoning - a big losing run is now possible,and may take weeks of good play to repair the damage.

I want you to be bored when you are losing .

Log off and come back in an hour or so,refreshed and eager to get into profit in your next separate blackjack session.

Make losing mundane and boring,make winning exciting and exhilarating - LOSE SMALL - WIN BIG.





As soon as you are in front you must increase your stakes.

A good guide is - if you are just in front,say at start of game,double your stakes.

As,hopefully your winning run continues,so will your stakes.

For simplicity lets say you play for $5 when losing and $10 when in front.

This $10 will increase as you climb that winning ladder.

Use this -

As soon as you get OVER $200 profit your bet will increase to $20(10%)

As soon as you get OVER $300 profit your bet will increase to $30(10%)

and so on.

You MUST however apply that ratchet effect when you start to slip down that winning ladder.

NEVER EVER drop your stakes.

If you were playing for $40(i.e $400 + profits)and have now slipped to say $380 - log off.

Job well done,and you can again come back again in an hour or so refreshed and ready to start with ANOTHER SESSION.

You may have only been playing for a couple of minutes,and want to continue as you are having such a good run.

Please resist this temptation.

Take your profits and go - anyway whats so bad with taking a good profit after a short session of blackjack ? - it beats sitting there for hour after hour and finishing level thats for sure.


Once you are in front,i am quite relaxed about how you play and what your stakes are.

Maybe you have got stuck $30 or $40 dollars in front and can't beat the dealer and throw it all in on one bet - is this stupid ? - no i don't think so.

As long as you are in front(yes i know it is now your money)i don't see anything wrong with it.

However you must have the discipline when making this bet to immediately snap back to your minimum stake if you lose - not easy !.

Also you may want a more relaxed staking plan to the ratchet,and again,as long as you are in credit,you really can do what you want,particularly if you have already had a couple of winning sessions earlier on,and want to really push on for a great winning day.

To sum up,you simply must at all costs avoid that catastrophic losing session - this is where the casinos make their big profits.

It also takes a long time to recoup those losses,and it also demoralizes you,and depletes the overall confidence.

Stay in control when losing.

Protect your winnings with a ratchet control.

Maybe from time to time go for that reckless big winning session.

By Pendil at SAFE BOOKMAKERS SITES.ŠThis article can be reproduced by anyone,so long as article  is reproduced full and intact with all links unchanged.End of article.


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