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The Round Robin bet went out of fashion in England when betting tax was removed in the late 90's.

Before explaining the bet,understand that Round Robin is used worldwide for a variety of bets.

Even in England the term is often used to describe a 3 doubles and 1 treble bet - that bet is called a Trixie.

Round Robin is also often used for a bet containing those doubles and treble,plus singles - that bet is a Patent.

As stated earlier,the ending of tax on betting turnover was abolished about 20 years ago in England,and the main attraction of the Round Robin was a neat way of avoiding some of that dreaded tax.

Younger visitors will be surprised that tax was ever raised on betting turnover - it started at 2.5 % in the 1960's and progressed to 10%(later reduced to 9%) in the late 1970's.

That meant that bookmakers paid 9% of their turnover - win or lose - on every bet they accepted.


Believe me,as a racecourse bookie in those days,there is no more depressing feeling,after working hard all day at the racetrack,losing a wad of money,and then having to write a large cheque to the government levy board for the privilege.

Punters could pay tax up front on bets placed at betting shops and the Round Robin allowed those punters to avoid some of the tax as the any to come part of Round Robin,which put extra money on selections,tax could be avoided - although high street bookmakers had to keep separate accounts for those extra bets,and pay the turnover tax themselves - which is why the Round Robin was unpopular with most bookies. 

Thankfully those days are gone,and like everybody else,bookmakers now pay tax on their profits not turnover.

At about the same time another "any to come" bet emerged - and many old betting shop managers will wince at being reminded of - The Dundee Shuffle - which was 6 selections with any to come element on all selections - that bet is now dead,buried, and long forgotten,which is where it belongs. 

Remember this era is long before computers or even calculators where available - all bets were worked out in the head and those calculations manually reproduced on paper - that's why wages for betting shop managers in those days were on a par with doctors or lawyers as very few people could calculate bets manually in the hustle and bustle of a betting shop. 

Now to the bet itself........


Round Robin Bet Explained.

The bet consists of 3 selections - and a total of 10 bets.

You get 3 doubles,1 treble,and 3 sets of "single stakes about" bets - 10 in total.

Any to come,or single stakes about is just a term that loads another bet on to the other selections when you have a winner in the Round Robin bet.

1 winner in Round Robin bet.

One winner is not good news for Round Robing punters as you lose 2 units on those other 2 losing selections - you would be better off doing a Patent bet which is just 7 bets.

Best explained with an example - I will make all winners 2/1 which will simplify,and use a stake unit of £1,again to make it more simple to explain a Round Robin bet.

So,if you have one winner in Round Robin at 2/1,you win £6,but lose £2 of that in extra bets on your other 2 losing selections - thanks to the single stakes about element of bet - your returns are just £4.

Now,lets have 2 winners at 2/1.

This is where the single stakes about kicks in in your favour.

Again,best explained with an example - 2 winners and one loser - both winners again at 2/1.

You now get one winning double on two 2/1 winners = £9.

Plus you get single stakes about on winners - in effect an extra bet on those winners - minus two units from each of those winners to pay for that losing selection.

So,you get £3 at 2/1 twice = £18 less £4 (£2 + £2)  for loser = £14.

As you can see,you win £23 for Round Robin bet,and the Patent would pay you just £15.

The 2/1 example was used for easy explanation =- bigger prices would show a bigger profit and bigger margin in profit between Round Robin and Patent or Trixie odds.

3 Winners in Round Robin.

If you are fortunate enough to get 3 winners in Round Robin you of course get those 3 doubles and trebles plus single stakes about on the singles,and this time there are no deductions to pay for losing selections - jackpot!.

Let's use different odds this time,as it is quite easy to calculate your Round Robin bets whatever the prices(see another article of mine Work Out Double and Trebles which will assist you if you find this article hard to follow).

This time tougher odds - but still easy!.....

3 winners in your Round Robin at 13/8....9/4........11/4.

First calculate the 3 doubles and trebles,again for £1 units = £62.55.

Now just place £4 singles on each winner (it is £4 because you have 3 winning selection) = £38.50.

Now you have to deduct £6 to pay for the single stakes about on other selections = Minus £6.

So,your returns for this Round Robin will be £62.55 + £38.50 = £101.05 minus £6 = £95.05.

For those 3 winners you get £95.05.

Non Runners in Round Robin Bets.

If you have non runners in Round Robin bets,all bets stand.

In other words you still have 3 doubles and a treble - the treble becomes a double,and the doubles become singles(with no single stakes about element).

The singles that have single stakes about mean if you have just one non runner - you get nothing back.

If you have one winner with a non runner you get one double (actually a single on the winner),and the single stakes about element still apply to those other singles.

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