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Calculate The Number Of Trebles In Your Bets - Method to Quickly and Easily Work Out The Number Of Trebles in Your Football and Horse Racing Bets.

Sometimes,when placing bets you don't want full cover bets ( singles, doubles,trebles,accas,etc.),you just want to do the trebles.

This article explains how to very quickly work out the number of trebles in any number of selections.

Simply work back from the number of selections - 3 places (it is 3 because you only want the number of trebles).

Example 1 - 4 selections.

Simple one to start - 4 selections.

Go back 3 places (you are calculating the number of trebles ) from 4 (you have 4 selections) 4 × 3 × 2 ÷  1  × 2  × 3.

You will quickly see that the 3 × 2 is in both the top equation and the bottom equation - so,you can eliminate the 2  × 3 from both parts of equation - and that just leaves the 4.

Therefore there are 4 trebles in 4 selections !.

Example 2 - 7 selections.

A bit harder,but still easy to work out.

Go back 3 places from 7 (for trebles),and divide again by 1  × 2  × 3 (this is constant,you use this equation,which is actually just 6,every time).

So,7 × 6 × 5 ÷  6 = 35

Again you will notice that the 6 on either side of equation cancels each other out - just leaving the 7 × 5 which = 35.

So,the number of trebles in 7 selections is 35.

Example 3 - 12 selections.

You would think this would be hard - but very simple using above method.

12 × 11 × 10 ÷ 6

Again reduce that 12 to 2 by dividing by that constant 6,making 12 down to 2.

So,it is now 2 × 11 × 10 = 220 trebles in 12 selections.

Most of these calculations,to get the number of trebles, can be worked out in the head,or a scrap of paper very quickly and easily,without needing to consult tables.

That is how you work out trebles in bets - very quick and easy every time.

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