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LUCKY 15 BET EXPLAINED.Number of Bets,Bonuses,Non Runners in Lucky 15.


The Lucky 15 Bet is probably the most popular horse racing bet in U.K. racing.

The main attraction is the bonus you get for selecting just one winner in 4 - normally that would mean an overall losing wager - but not with the Lucky 15 bet!.

Most bookmakers will pay you DOUBLE odds for one winner in your Lucky 15 bet,but some bookmakers now pay TREBLE odds for one winner.

This means if you get double odds,you just need to get one winner at 7/1 + to at least get your money back.

If your bookie pays treble,you need to find just a 9/2 shot to get that stake back and try again!.

Some bookmakers also give you a bonus for backing 4 winners in a Lucky 15 - all bookmakers are different,so you need to check what is on offer at various online and High Street bookmakers.

The Lucky 15 bet..................


The Lucky 15 consists of 15 bets,which explains the name of bet.

You get 4 singles .................6 doubles................4 trebles and one accumulator on all 4 = 15 bets.

You can also do an EACH WAY Lucky 15 - this is an extra separate bet where you are doing a Lucky 15 betting on the horses being PLACED.Bear in mind that you do not get any bonus for having one selection placed in Lucky 15 - that bonus is just paid on the win part of Lucky 15.

If you do want an EACH WAY Lucky 15,the bet is now for 30 bets (15 win and 15 placed).

Lucky 15 is mainly used for horse racing,but you can bet on football or any other sport you want when doing a Lucky 15 bet.

Non Runners in Lucky 15 bets...

 Non runners always confuse even experienced horse punters,and they often think that a non runner somehow places extra winnings on the remaining selections - not so!.

The best way to explain non runners in multiple bets bets is consider it a winner - at no price.

By that I mean,whatever the original number of bets in a multiple bet - they all still stand,and the number of bets is exactly the same.

So,if you have a non runner in a Lucky 15 bet,you still have 15 bets.

The singles are obvious,you get cash back on singles for any non runners.

But,doubles colliding with non runners will now become singles - i.e.a double with a non runner becomes a single on the horse that does run.

Trebles,where a non runner is involved will in effect become doubles.

That accumulator you have is now a treble.

The remaining 3 selections that do run still have 3 doubles and a treble.

Also remember,if you have a non runner with a winner,you will not get double odds for the winner - the fact that you have a non runner means you have in affect 2 "winners".


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