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American Betting Odds Explained - Moneyline,Push,Even - American Betting Odds Simplified.


This article will just explain American Betting Odds.

Obviously,this is the format used in United States when betting on sports,however most bookmakers in the U.K. now let you bet under decimal,fraction and also American Odds.

Most punters will have heard of "The Moneyline" through movies or betting sites - this the name used by many sports fans - it simply means American Odds betting.

In fact,the American Odds format is very simple,and just lets you know at a glance,what you will win for a $100 bet (or $10,or $1,000 as American Odds are simple to adjust).

You need to look at the prefix when taking American Odds - sign means favourite and + means outsider or underdog.

When looking at a price with the - sign,you are looking to see how much you must bet to win $100.The more you need to bet to get that $100 profit,the higher the number the better the chances of success (just like a long odds on shot when betting in fractions).

The + sign is self explanatory,this is what you win for a $100 bet.

So,the higher the number for - sign,the shorter the odds,and just the opposite for + sign selections,now the higher the number the better the odds.


An example of - favourite,lets say -145.

The - 145 just gives you the odds of how much you need to bet to win $100...........$145,simple as that!.

An example of underdog,+350.

This time,as the + is there,you win $350 for a $100 bet........again simple as that.

American Odds are always based on $100,and you either bet to win $100,or bet $100 for + odds.

By the way,you will often see "push" referred to in connection with American Odds betting - this is just a term to confirm the bet is tied or void,with neither bettor or bookmaker wins - stakes are returned.

American Odds are simple and quite straight forward,and if you are just betting on outright result plain to see what you win.You can also have point spreads which gives you more betting options relating to the margin of victory for any sporting event.

Sometimes you will see no numbers for sports events - just "Even",this is,as you would expect,means the bookmakers cannot split the sides and if you take "even" you win whatever you bet.

As mentioned before,the American Odds are based on $100,win or lose,however,you do not need to bet in $100 units,just bet in units you are comfortable with,whether below $100,or above $100,just enter bet unit when executing the wager.


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