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Betfred Poker Site Review - Welcome Bonus,New Player Terms,Poker Tournaments,Freerolls.

Join Betfred Poker and you also get access to their sports bookmakers site,games site,casino,bingo and also games portal.

Betfred is a trusted brand,and there is added reassurance that they are regulated and licensed by the U.K. Gambling Commission ( for U.K. ),and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission ( for the rest of the world ).


Poker players will also note that Betfred Poker is played on the iPoker Network,which ensures regulated,and fair play conditions for the participants.

The Betfred Poker site is very popular with players,so tables are busy,but numerous.So,players don't have to wait long to play at a poker table that suits their budget.

Poker is perhaps not quite so popular with gamblers as it was 5 or 10 years ago,so competition is a little tougher than it used to be as there are fewer naive newbies,but the more experienced veterans of poker play remain.However,this applies to all poker sites,and the days of making easy profits when playing poker online have decreased.

Choice of poker games is vast,with,of course,all the main games like hold'em,7 card,Omaha hi/lo,but also many other poker games and formats.

Many poker enthusiasts limit their play to poker tournaments.If so,Betfred Poker is a great venue for you to join.They have a huge and continuous selection of poker tournaments,each with differing entry fees and formats - from tiny stakes tournaments through to top poker challenges.

A very popular game at Betfred Poker right now is the Things for a Fiver tournament.Usual poker format and rules,but you not only win cash prizes,but also things like latest mobile phones,laptops and similar - and as the name suggests,just 5 pounds to enter this weekly event.

Maybe,you just like to play poker with no money at stake,just for the fun aspect.For you,there are many freerolls for you to choose from,often with small cash prizes or tournament vouchers.


Betfred Poker always use innovative games to make your play more interesting,and Beat The Manager is a good example.This economy poker tournament rewards the top 3 players with the chance to beat the Betfred poker manager for a handy 250 pound bonus prize - and if they fail any week,that prize money goes forward into next weeks bonus,and so on,until the manager is beaten.

Some poker games can be slow,so multi table play is an option for many players to consider.You can certainly play muti tables at Betfred Poker - up to 8 at a time ( ideal for low stake games with the ability to just play your best hands ).

If you stay at a gaming site for a long time,welcomes and bonuses are not too important over time.However,they are a good for new customers to try the site,play their games,and deposit more,if they like the experience.

At the time of review,Betfred Poker were giving their new clients 10 pounds worth of vouchers to play in poker tournaments,or try their casino games.

As well as those free vouchers,you get a deposit bonus from Betfred Poker .It is a generous 200 % bonus (max 1,200 pounds ),and of course,this will be released to you in small amounts as and when your poker play satisfys the deposit bonus rules.

Regards the technology and smooth play aspects of Betfred Poker,they are more than adequate.You can play poker here on most devices,and the download and set up is straight forward and simple.

The design and appearance is also attractive ( you can adjust the appearance and format that suits you best ),and all adds to the enjoyment of playing at Betfred Poker.

You should be able to find an acceptable deposit (and withdrawal ) method at Betfred Poker,as they accept visa,neteller,skrill,and many other methods.

New customers should always check their deposit methods,as some bonuses may not apply,and there could be withdrawal fees on some options you use.

Once you are a regular player at Betfred Poker ,you will also enjoy one off bonuses like reloads,refer a friend,loyalty payments,and many other bonuses that Betfred Poker give their players at regular intervals.

Security is important to Betfred Poker,and latest security measures are used to keep your financial and personal details safe.

If anything does go wrong,or you need some advice about the Betfred Poker site,then you can rest assured that contact with them is easy.They offer 24 hour,365 days support via their email,chat and free phone numbers.

In concusion,of you are considering opening a new poker account,then Betfred Poker would be a good choice,especially as you also have access to all their other top glass bookmaking and gaming sites at the same time.

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