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A Punters Guide to Windsor Race Track - Left Hand,Right Hand,Galloping,Easy.Windsor Racecourse Facts.

A description of Windsor Racetrack - Gradients,Direction,Trivia, - Windsor Racecourse.

Windsor Racecourse is located near Windsor,south east England.

This is the only flat course in England with a figure of 8 circuit (Fontwell Park also has same configuration,but caters for National Hunt racing only).

So,is Windsor Racecourse left or right handed ? - it is both,as longer races take in both left and right hand bends.

Draw bias - high numbers are best on good or firm ground,but it completely switches on soft when low numbers have an advantage.

When betting,always take a close look at previous course winners,as this quirky track will suit some horses but unsettle many others.


Just flat racing at Windsor as National Hunt racing ended in 1998.

Windsor Racecourse is the only English track on an island (within the Thames river).

Long run in straight of about 5 furlongs,with a slight kink in track 3 furlongs out.

Windsor Racecourse is perfectly flat,so stamina is not really required to win here.

However the bends are quite tight,and nippy,agile horses will win here.

The first official meeting at Windsor Racecourse was held in 1866.

Due to course configuration,the longest race that can be accommodated at Windsor is 1mile 3 furlongs.

Windsor is close to London,but the course is set in over 160 acres of attractive countryside.

Top jockey,Richard Hughes rode 7 of the 8 winners during a Windsor meeting in 2012.

 Monday evenings through the summer are the most popular fixtures and 13 consecutive meetings are held on Mondays throughout the summer.

Lots of fast food outlets at Windsor Racecourse,but if you want to enjoy a sit down restaurant meal,you may need to book in advance - details form catering manager.

Windsor is a busy race track,and hold about 28 meetings every year.

Lots of hospitality packages available for family or business groups - contact events manager for details and prices.

This location was once Windsor Great Park,a hunting ground for royalty,including Henry VIII.

In 1923,a triple dead heat was recorded for the first time in racing at Windsor Racecourse.This is before photo finishes,but a local photographer captured the 3 horses on the winning line,and the triple dead heat was announced.

It is not often bookmakers go on strike,but they did at Windsor Racecourse in 1926 as a protest against a betting tax introduced by Winston Churchill.The campaign was successfull,and the tax was removed a few years later.

Winston Churchill,in his later years,became a racing fan,and his best horse Colonist II raced and won at Windsor in 1949.

Most race tracks closed during World War II,but Windsor Racecourse was allowed to race.In fact a doodle bug (bomb) dropped on the course during a race meeting,but the stoical jockeys and racegoers carried on and completed the fixture.

Jump racing ended in 1998,and Windsor lost one of its regulars,The Queen Mother,who was often seen at Windsor Racecourse,and also ran her horses at the track.

Weddings,conferences,exhibitions,both large and small can be held at Windsor Racecourse (23 different rooms) - full details from management.

Disabled racegoers can enjoy a great day out at Windsor,with parking,toilets,hearing aids loop,lift access and more when visiting this venue.

Pay in advance online to get saving (£3 at time of review)on admission price.

Students and senior citizens also get a discount (30% at time of review),just show your relevant passes to get that discount.

Anyone under 18 can get in free if with an adult - 3 children max.

Picnics are allowed in some enclosures at Windsor Racecourse - but barbecues are not allowed anywhere on course.

Film buffs may like to know that Windsor Racecourse provided the racing scenes for the 2001 film Last Orders,and was also used for Midsomer Murders episode Bantling Boy.

Don't bring your dog to Windsor Racecourse,you won't get in as dogs are not allowed.

Rail travelers are well served and can alight at Windsor Central or Windsor and Eton Riverside stations,with a short taxi ride to course (or you can catch the river bus to track).

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