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Uttoxeter Racecourse: A Comprehensive Guide 


Uttoxeter Racecourse, located in Staffordshire, England, is a popular venue for horse racing enthusiasts. With a rich history and a range of events throughout the year, it attracts both seasoned racing fans and casual spectators. In this article, we will take a look into the various aspects of Uttoxeter racecourse, addressing key questions to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

How Many Races Are There at Uttoxeter?

Uttoxeter Racecourse keeps the excitement rolling with a diverse racing calendar throughout the year. Whether you're into the speed of flat races or the thrill of jumps, there's always something to keep you on the edge of your seat come race day. As for a specific number of races per year, these total 25.

Is Uttoxeter Races Flats or Jump?

Uttoxeter Racecourse is primarily known for hosting National Hunt (jump) racing events. National Hunt racing involves horses jumping over obstacles such as hurdles and fences. While Uttoxeter hosts some flat racing events, its main focus is jumps racing. Keep in mind that specific race types may vary depending on the scheduled events, so it's always a good idea to check the race card for the day you plan to attend for the most accurate information.

Is there a dress code at Uttoxeter Races?

Uttoxeter strikes a balance between a relaxed vibe and a touch of elegance. While there's no strict dress code, racegoers often dress smart-casual, turning the races into a stylish affair. Remember, this is a chance to flaunt your style and strut your stuff, so why not go all out and turn up looking like a movie star.

Who owns the racecourse at Uttoxeter?

Behind the scenes, Uttoxeter Racecourse is in the capable hands of Arena Racing Company (ARC). They're the folks making sure everything runs smoothly, creating an environment where racers and spectators can enjoy every moment.

Is Uttoxeter a Galloping Track?

Yes, Uttoxeter Racecourse is often described as a galloping track. A galloping track typically has longer straight sections and more gradual turns, allowing horses to maintain a steady and even pace. This type of track is often favoured by certain types of horses, and it can provide a different racing experience compared to tracks with tighter turns. The specific characteristics of a track can impact the strategy and performance of horses in races. Remember that track conditions can also vary, so it's advisable to consider the current state of the track when analysing race outcomes.

How long is Uttoxeter Racecourse

Uttoxeter's oval-shaped track spans one mile and two and a half furlongs, roughly one and a quarter miles. It's a key detail that defines the course and influences the strategies employed by the competing jockeys and their horses.

Can you take food into Uttoxeter Races?

Yes, you can! Uttoxeter Racecourse is cool with racegoers bringing their own snacks. Many opt for a picnic-style experience, adding a homey touch to the festivities. Just be sure to check event-specific rules, as there might be some restrictions.

Uttoxeter Races Prize Money

The stakes are high at Uttoxeter, with prize money varying based on the race's importance. The bigger the event, the more substantial the purse, drawing in the best competitors the horse racing world has to offer.

Is Uttoxeter Racecourse left Handed?

ttoxeter has a left-handed track, meaning the horses make their way around counterclockwise. It's a small but significant detail that adds a twist to the races and keeps things interesting.


Uttoxeter Racecourse isn't just a place for horse racing; it's an experience where tradition meets thrill. Whether you're a seasoned racegoer or a first-timer, Uttoxeter promises an authentic and heart-pounding journey into the world of British horse racing.

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