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A Punters Guide to SEDGEFIELD RaceTrack - Left Hand,Right Hand,Galloping,Easy.SEDGEFIELD Racecourse Facts.

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Sedgefield Racecourse is located at Sedgefield,Nr.Durham,north east of England.

Like most tracks in England Sedgefield race left handed.

Only National Hunt fixtures hosted - no flat racing at Sedgefield.

Undulating in nature,with tight bends that will not suit the galloping type of horse - you need nippy agile horses to win here.


There is a 3 furlong run to the winning post after jumping the last obstacle ( at one time Sedgefield had the longest run in of all U.K. courses at 525 yards,longer than the Grand National course at Aintree).

Unusual run in that firstly dips markedly,and then climbs for the final run to the line.

There are 8 fences on the chase circuit and 5 on the hurdle track - not too severe and jumping them should not cause too many problems.

Unusual course gradients make Sedgefield a horses for courses venue - previous winners should always be favoured when making your betting decisions.

About 20 meetings each year are held by Sedgefield Racecourse.

Not sure why,but Sedgefield always try to hold the race meetings on a Tuesday.

There have been race meetings in this area since 1732 - but Sedgefield Racecourse was officially opened in 1846.

Planning a day out at the races in a group ? - if you are planning a pub trip,family or business get together,you can contact the course and ask for a healthy discount - you need 15 + members and you can get about 20% discount - apply before meeting to events manager.

Senior citizens and students can get a reduced price entry at the gate,and children under 18 can get in free with an adult.

Busy race days at Sedgefield have organized fun activities for children,with fairground rides,face painting and similar to keep the kids entertained.

Older racegoers will remember when Sedgefield could only offer visitors tin huts and very basic amenities - steady investment in new grandstands has taken place,and it is now a pleasant track to spend a day at the races.

In 1999 one of the worst incidents to occur at an English track took place - the course design sent 3 riderless horses the wrong way,directly into the rest of the field - 3 horses were killed in the melee.

Disabled visitors are made welcome at Sedgefield Racecourse,and disabled parking,ramps to facilities,and toilets are all available to make your day out trouble free.

Picnicers are welcome at Sedgefield Racecourse - but alcohol is not allowed in picnic area !.

Like most courses now,Sedgefield Racecourse is busy on non race days,and can host your wedding celebrations,corporate meetings and other conferences - full details from course management.

Precarious history for Sedgefield Racecourse,and was nearly closed several times in the last few decades - however,it is now part of Northern Racing PLC,and it's future more secure now.

No railway station at Sedgefield,and visitors should alight at either Darlington or Durham,and you will need another 20 minute taxi or bus ride to get you to the track.

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