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A Punters Guide to PONTEFRACT RaceTrack - Left Hand,Right Hand,Galloping,Easy.PONTEFRACT Racecourse Facts.

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Pontefract Racecourse is located in west Yorkshire,the north east of England.

Like most tracks in U.K.,Pontefract race left handed.

Very sharp bend in to the straight and horse needs to be agile to take advantage.


The course itself is undulating,but the final 3 furlongs is uphill and very testing.

With its undulations,sharp bend,and stamina sapping finish Pontefract is definitely a horses for courses venue - previous winners here is a good tip in itself.

Draw bias - low number are best at Pontefract,but heavy ground can negate this advantage as the ground can get extremely holding on the inside of bend into the straight.

Front runners,despite the uphill finish,are well suited to Pontefract,particularly in sprint races.

Pontefract track is a complete circuit with no gaps or chutes - the longest continuous racetrack in Europe (over 2 miles).

In 1983,the old track layout of horseshoe shape was changed into todays full continuous circuit.

Racing is known to have taken place at this location as early as 1648,but Oliver Cromwells victorious forces put a stop to racing.

It was later in 1802,that racing is recorded to have officially taken place again at Pontefract.

Many racecourses were closed during World War II,but Pontefract was allowed to race,and some big races like Lincoln and November Handicap were transferred here.

Pontefract was one of the first tracks to install the photo finish facility in 1952.

Pontefract was also the first English track to dope test horses.

Hospitality packages are available for family,friends or work related - ask events manager for details.

Pontefract host about 16 meetings every year,including regular Sunday and evening meetings.

Conferences,weddings,and birthday parties etc. can be held at Pontefract racecourse on all days,not just racedays,and prices and facilities can be provided by management.

Pontefract was surrounded by coal pits a few years back - and this is the reason Pontefract meetings always started later then most other tracks - to allow the miners to get ready for the races after finishing their morning shift down the mines (sadly,the colliery closed forever in 2002).

Disabled racegoers can enjoy a day at the races at Pontefract,with ramps and special viewing areas provided.

Plenty of choice for racegoers at Pontefract,with 4 enclosures to suit all budgets,and also a special picnic area.

Children are welcome at Pontefract,and there is a childrens playground area to entertain them between races.

The recent opening of the M62 has greatly benefited Pontefract's viability,and bigger crowds and better racing is the result.

Ladies Day is very popular meeting at Pontefract - usually held in August.

Under 18s are admitted free to every enclosure if accompanied by an adult.

If you want to make your days racing at Pontefract extra special pre book a private box - details form course management.

Rail travelers can alight at Pontefract Tanshelf station(adjacent to track),or Ponetfract Monkhill,which is about 1 mile from racecourse.

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