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A Punters Guide to MARKET RASEN RaceTrack - Left Hand,Right Hand,Galloping,Easy.MARKET RASEN Racecourse Facts.

A description of Market Rasen Racetrack - Gradients,Direction,Trivia, - Market Rasen Racecourse.

Market Rasen Racecourse is located in Lincolnshire,north east England.

The track is right handed,oval shaped,and slightly undulating.

Don't count your chickens at Market Rasen.The fences are quite stiff,and the last fence in particular sees horses falling.

Bends are quite tight,so front runners are suited,and horses also need to be quite agile and nippy to win at Market Rasen.


Fairly short run in from last fence at Market Rasen - about 220 yards.

Only National Hunt racing takes place at Market Rasen.

Market Rasen is the only racecourse in the whole of Lincolnshire.

Excellent day out for racegoers who will appreciate the beautiful country setting of the racecourse.

Market Rasen is a fairly new track,by English standards,and was opened by local enthusiasts in 1923.

About 20 race meetings every year,mainly at weekends,that are spread evenly throughout the year.

Summer racing here is very popular,and their premier race is the Summer Plate Hurdle held in July.

Point to Point races are also hosted by Market Rasen on a separate left handed track within the normal track.

Market Rasen can accommodate large banquets,weddings and conferences etc. - full details from events manager.

Families find Market Rasen an attractive racing venue as they provide a special family enclosure with picnic facilities and childrens entertainments.

Go racing in style by buying a members badge for just one day,which will give you access to all enclosures and all bars and restaurants.

If you are going to Market Rasen in a group of between 10 and 80,you could get a hospitality box to make the day extra special - ask events manager for a deal to suit your group.

Children under 16 get free entrance,but must be with an adult.

If you are arriving by helicopter please inform management first.

Disabled racegoers are well cared for,with a special viewing area and toilets.

Rail travelers will alight at Market Rasen station which is within easy walking distance of about 1 mile.

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