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Hereford Racecourse is located near Hereford,south west midlands of England,near the Welsh border.

Just National Hunt (jumping) fixtures here and no flat racing hosted.

Hereford Racecourse is a little unusual,as they race right handed.

9 quite stiff fences (2 open ditches and 1 water jump) each circuit,and a short run of about 300 yards.


The track is almost square in shape,and about 1.5 miles in circumference.

The bends are quite tight,so agility to negotiate bends at speed is required.

Front runners are quite suited to this track as the constant turns keep horses keen for most of the race.

Just very slight undulations at Hereford Racecourse,so,no great stamina requirements needed to win here.

Just 1 fence in the home straight,so horses can make up ground and come from behind to take last fence and sprint up short run in to the winning post.

Leasing problems with the local council forced the closure of Hereford Racecourse in 2012,however,those problems were resolved,and the track was racing again in 2016.

Although the track was closed for 4 years,some Arabian and Point to Point fixtures were held.

Racing has taken place on this site from 1771.

You are allowed to bring picnics to Hereford Racecourse,but not into the main Grandstand Enclosure.

Disabled facilities are good,with lifts,toilets,and viewing platforms available - and if you need a carer,they can get in free.

Apply for a group discount - if you are going in a group of 10+,you can negotiate a discount with management,and you should contact events manager to pre book.

Private boxes are also available,and again contact management for a deal to suit your requirements.


Don't bring your family dog (guide dogs excepted) to Hereford Racecourse as you won't get in.They are also strict on animal welfare ,so,you will not even be allowed to leave your dog in the car if going racing here.

Children under 18 get in free,so long as they are with an adult.

At the time of review,there are no facilities for children regards play areas or entertainments.The only exception is the Family Day meeting that is held each year.

Flat racing was at one time popular at Hereford Racecourse,and perhaps the best to compete here was a horse called Fisherman,who later went on to win 2 Ascot Gold Cups in 1858 and 1859.

Hereford is hunting country,and once National Hunt racing was introduced in 1840,the flat fixtures declined,and were ended in 1883.

Most meetings have 6 or 7 races.However,to accommodate a postponed meeting,Hereford Racecourse,in 1975,had a 14 race card for punters to endure.

Lots of trainers in this area,and they were glad to see racing again at Hereford Racecourse.This normally means good sized fields to make competitive racing and attractive betting opportunities.

Champion trainer,Paul Nichols,had his first winner here,Olverston,in 1991.

Another first,when local jockey Richard Johnson,rode his first winner at Hereford Racecourse in 1994,on Rusty Bridge.

Silks Restaurant is very popular with racegoers,and you will need to pre book to reserve your table (which you get for the whole day and includes 3 course meal and afternoon tea).

There is also a pub,The Winning Post,and other food outlets to satisfy drinks and food requirements.

Hereford Racecourse also host the occasional Harness Racing fixture.

Rail travelers are well served as Hereford is on main lines,and the racecourse is just a brisk walk,or short cab ride away. 

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