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A Punters Guide to Fontwell Park Race Track - Left Hand,Right Hand,Galloping,Easy.Fontwell Park Racecourse Facts.

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Fontwell Racecourse is located in Fontwell village which is in the south east corner of England.

Like most racetracks in U.K.,Fontwell is left handed.

No flat racing takes place at Fontwell,just National Hunt fixtures.

Circuit of just 1 mile,with an oval hurdles course and a figure of 8 chase course.


Horses must jump well,as a mistake here can make a horse lose many lengths,which is hard to regain on this tight circuit.

Run in here is about 250 yards,with a slight uphill finish,but stamina not really required to excel at Fontwell Park.

Fontwell is not suitable for galloping horses,they need to be agile and nippy to negotiate the tight bends.

Top soil often makes the going at Fontwell extremely testing.

If ever "horse for courses" should apply - Fontwell Park is certainly a good example.

Wherever you view the racing at Fontwell,you get a good close up view of the action due to course configuration.

Very popular racetrack with national hunt enthusiasts,and Fontwell is voted "Best Small Course,South East" year after year.

Children under 16 do not have to pay,if accompanied by an adult - students and senior citizens also get concessions on entry.

The Queen Mother was a regular visitor here,and had her first ever winner at Fontwell Park back in 1949(Monaveen).

Top jockey of his time,John Francome,set the career winning total for jockeys here in 1984 with 1,036 wins,beating Stan Mellor's record.


Disabled racegoers are welcome,and should take advantage of preferential parking for easy access to racecourse.

Disabled racegoers also have their own viewing area in the grandstand and access to all levels and amenities.

Big race of the year here is National Spirit Hurdle,which often attracts Cheltenham contenders.

If you want more information about Fontwell,Jim Beavis's book "History of Fontwell Park" is available at the racecourse shop.

The film "Dead Cert",by Dick Francis,starring Judi Dench,used Fontwell Park for their racing scenes.

If you haven't been to Fontwell Park for some time,you will be impressed by the new grandstand that was built in 2010.

This new stand allows Fontwell to now host conferences,weddings and other functions.

Fontwell Park host 23 meetings a year,and the 5 Sunday meetings are particularly popular with racegoers.
They have been racing in this area for hundreds of years,but Fontwell Park officially opened in 1924.

Live shows by top entertainers are often held after evening race meetings at Fontwell Park.

Racegoers on 29th April,2011 (Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding day) piled onto runner Royal Wedding - and it won.

Track is located between Chichester and Arundel,and A27/A29 roundabout is very close to racecourse.

Rail travelers should use Barnham Station (regular London Victoria service),with shuttle bus service to Fontwell Racecourse.

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