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This article looks at some of the novelty bets you can make while betting on football matches,with explanation of bets available and some basic advice.

Firstly can i say that anyone who bets on these novelty bets with a view to making a profit over the long term is certainly barking up the wrong tree !

If you do want to make steady profits,or at least cut dramatically your sports betting losses please read How to Win Betting on Football .

However if you just want some fun while watching the occasional football match on tv then these bets are great fun - and you have the excitement of winning now and again.

There are hundreds of betting markets and suggest you stick to the ones below to give you any sort of chance.

Match Odds.

Fairly straightforward,you either bet home away or draw.

Small odds,so larger bets would need to be made to make any profit.

The only comment I would make is that the draw is always the best bet odds wise - why ? - well most punters favour either one or the other team and rarely bet the draw.

Punters make the odds,and for this reason the draw should never be discounted - it could be the best bet !.

Total Goals.

This is where you predict the number of goals scored in a match.

Remember,nearly all football bets concern 90 minutes play - which does include the time added on by referee at 90 minutes - but DOES NOT usually cover extra time in cup matches.

Odds are small for the lower scores,and 5 goals and over maybe the best bet in this category - but you need at least 9/1 before accepting this bet.

By the way,don't waste time trying to get better odds on 4.5 plus goals bet - which is same bet as 5 plus goals - an arbitrage - its probably already gone before you get there !.


Booking Odds.

This is where you predict the number of cards shown by referee in football match.

Different formats on Betfair and other bookmakers,but 5 yellows or 1 yellow and a dismissal usually wins this bet.(Normally 10 points for yellow and 25 point for sending off )

Obviously when Rangers play Celtic or Man Utd against Liverpool odds are low and you will also need to analyse the referees usual pattern in issuing cards during matches.

Normal match,average referee and you want at least 9/4 to accept bet.

Corners Odds.

Very popular bet,but somehow i can't get excited about counting corners and betting on outcome,but profit is profi, and you take it wherever you can.

It is remarkably stable over the years,that the number of corners in a football match will average just under 11 - it never seems to change.

So,if you bet with most bookmakers you want more than evens for 11 plus corners a match.

Betfair do it differently and bet 13 or more corners - here you need 3/1 minimum before betting.

If one team is dominant over another - that is top team playing bottom team then constant pressure from top side may result in more corners.

On the other hand 2 evenly matched sides may battle it out in midfield and low corners result.


First Goal Scorer.

The Bookies love this bet and keep hammering it as a betting medium.

Why's that ? - well its probably their most profitable bet,and one to avoid really as the odds always seem very poor to me*.

Remember many games end 0 - 0 and you don't get your money back when this happens.

Own Goals do not count in this bet - you are still alive if first goal was own goal.

If your selected player does not play at all,or comes on after first goal is scored you get full refund.

*Some bookmakers like Betfred make this bet more attractive by offering double odds if your selected player scores first and then another goal.They also pay treble the odds if the player goes on to score a hat trick - but remember the player must score the first goal to get paid.

Asian Handicap Betting.

This is just a format of betting that takes out the draw from considerations.

By giving .5 of a goal to one team there is just 2 outcomes - win or lose.

Lesser odds of course as draw has been removed,but an attractive way to bet on football.

Correct Score.

This is just a prediction of what the score will be at the end of 90 minutes.

Why not do both side to win at same result - at least your bet is usually alive for most of the match rather than getting knocked out early with nothing to keep you occupied.

Half Time / Full Time.

This is a bet where you predict what the result will be at half time and full time.

Quite a good bet,and the one i like is the away side winning at half time and the home side coming from behind to win at full time.

The logic is that the home side should be favourite,and the weaker away side may sneak a penalty or lucky goal and lead at half time only to relinquish during second half onslaught from home side with their fans baying for more effort.

Never take less than 35/1 for this bet,but 50/1 plus is often available,so small bet with big returns means long losing runs are wiped out with just one correct bet.

Back a Team to Come from Behind.

This time you are backing a side to come from being behind to go on to winning the match.

The other side can score at any time - the earlier the better if you play this bet - and your selection needs then to go onto win the match from behind.

Again,you want to back favourite home side who may let in an early goal and have plenty time to equalise and then go onto win match.

Never take less than 10/1 for any of these bets.

Scorecast Bets.

This is where you need to pick first goalscorer and also the correct final score of match.

Pretty hard to win obviously,but big payouts for small bets make it an exciting wager.

Odds look poor at first glance,but remember if you back a player to score first and that same side to win say 1 - 0 or 2 - 0 you will not get full multiplied odds - the fact that player has scored now affects the actual score outcome.

Profitable bet for bookmakers,but look out for cashback deals about this bet when refunds are made if the offered cashback outcome happens.

Last Goalscorer.

Same bet as first goalscorer,but this time last player to score.This at least means you have an interest right through the match until final whistle.

If the match ends 1 - 0 then obviously the first goalscorer and last goalscorer are the same.

Same ruling as first goalscorer - no goals you have lost your money !.

Other Markets

There is no limit to bets you can now have on football matches - about 200 is not unusual.

Who gets first corner,odd or even goals,first half result,time of first goal,penalty or not - the list is endless.

Sometimes i think all these markets are on offer to confuse the punter.

As i said at start of article - all above bets are for fun - you will not show a profit over time on these bets - it is impossible.

If you do enjoy these fun bets and bet infrequently then the above markets are indeed very entertaining,and you will have that nice payout now and again.

However if you have discipline and want to win betting on football - read - How to Win Betting on Football .


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